Mellow Trax

~ Person

Legal name: Christian Scharnweber

Also performs as: Chris Daniels (Techno/Trance DJ), Christian Weber (Christian Scharnweber, Techno/House DJ based in Hamburg), DJ Mellow‐D, Novaya



2000WorldwideTrance Allstars52
2001Desire - After Sun (Factor 3)Klubbheads1
2001Desire - After Sun (Factor 3)Klubbheads1

Album + Compilation

1999Dream Dance, Vol. 11Various Artists3.51
1999DJ Sammy at Work: In the MixDJ Sammy1
1999Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 9Various Artists1
1999Maximum Dance 3/99Various Artists1
1999Future Trance 7Various Artists21
1999Viva Hits 4Various Artists51
1999Dream Dance, Vol. 12Various Artists2.51
1999Adrenalin, Volume 4Various Artists1
1999Members Only #3Various Artists1
1999Club Rotation, Volume 6Various Artists1
1999Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 10Various Artists1
1999Future Trance 8Various Artists21
1999Viva Hits 5Various Artists1
1999Megahits 99: Die ZweiteVarious Artists1
1999Dream Dance, Vol. 13Various Artists3.51
1999Chartmix 5Various Artists1
1999Club Rotation, Volume 7Various Artists1
1999Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 11Various Artists51
1999Viva Hits 6Various Artists1
1999Future Trance 9Various Artists31
1999Bravo Hits 27Various Artists2
1999Dream Dance, Vol. 14Various Artists2.51
1999Club Rotation, Volume 8Various Artists1
1999Smash! Volume 7Various Artists1
1999Top 99: Die besten Hits des JahresVarious Artists1
1999FIFA 2000: The AlbumVarious Artists1
1999Aquagen Presents: Klub KraftVarious Artists1
1999RaveBase 2000Various Artists1
199920 Top Hits aus den internationalen Charts 6/99Various Artists1
1999Members Only #5Various Artists1
1999Mystery Trance, Volume 5DJ Hitch Hiker1
1999Solo Nºs 1 (1999)Various Artists2
1999Space InvadersVarious Artists1
1999Technics: The Original Sessions 3Various Artists1
1999Technodome: Molella vs. CirilloVarious Artists1
1999Top of the Pops: The Best of '99, Volume TwoVarious Artists1
1999Trancemaster 20Various Artists1
2000Lagoa The Compilation 5Various Artists1
2000Serious Beats 31Various Artists1
2000La Plus Grande Discothèque du Monde, Volume 20Various Artists1
2000Radikal Techno, Volume 4: New Trance GenerationVarious Artists1
2000Promo Only: Rhythm Radio, August 2000Various Artists1
2000Technohits 1996–2000Various Artists1
2000Trance Mix USAATB1
2000UK Garage: The Album: The Sound of 2000Various Artists1
2000Progressions Into TranceSt. John1
2000Webster Hall's New York Dance, Volume 4 (Mixed by DJ Ricky Corbo)Various Artists1
2000Club Sounds, Volume 1 (South Africa)Various Artists1
2000Dance Hits 2000Various Artists1
2000Dance Train 2000, Volume 2: Club EditionVarious Artists1
2000Massive M TechnoVarious Artists41
2000Mega Party-HighlightsVarious Artists1
2000Plus de tubes 2000Various Artists2
2000Reference TechnoVarious Artists1
2000Techno Nation ( Vol.2)Various Artists1
2000Techno Parade Summer 2000Various Artists1
2000Trance Connexion 2Various Artists1
2000Ultra Techno AnthologyVarious Artists1
2000Ultra Techno MilleniumVarious Artists1
200121st Century Trance 3Various Artists1
2001Global TranceVarious Artists1
2001Now Dance 2002Various Artists2
2001DJ Convention: Code ElevenVarious Artists1
2001Webster Hall Dance Anthems 1997-2003Various Artists1
2001Technodrome, Volume 11Various Artists1
2001Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 20Various Artists1
2001Viva Hits 15Various Artists1
2001Il grande viaggio di Gigi D'Agostino, Volume 1Various Artists2
2001Members Only #12Various Artists1
2001Future Trance 18Various Artists1
2001Bild Hits 2002: Die ErsteVarious Artists1
2001Fetenhits: Après SkiVarious Artists1
2001Club Rotation: 5 YearsVarious Artists1
2001Desire Aftersun Factor 3Various Artists1
2001MysteriumVarious Artists1
2001Radikal Techno 5Various Artists1
2002Velfarre Cyber Trance 04: Best Hit TranceVarious Artists1
2002Chartboxx 2002 - 01Various Artists1
2002Deep Dance-Mix, Volume 3: pres. by DJ CrimecutVarious Artists1
2003Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 25Various Artists1
2003Technodrome, Volume 17Various Artists1
2003Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 27Various Artists1
2003Technodrome, Volume 18Various Artists1
2004Future Trance 27Various Artists1
2004Dream Dance 31Various Artists31
2004Technodrome, Volume 20Various Artists1
2004Trance Arena 5Various Artists1
2004Club Rotation, Volume 26Various Artists1
2004Technodrome, Volume 21Various Artists1
2004Future Trance 29Various Artists31
2004Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 31Various Artists1
2004Dream Sounds: The Second ChapterVarious Artists1
2004Club Revolution Europe, Volume 1Various Artists1
2004Wild Nights 3Various Artists1
2005Fetenhits: Alpen PartyVarious Artists1
2005Top of the Pops 2005_2Various Artists1
2005100% Números unoVarious Artists1

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