Gary Burr (American musician, songwriter, and record producer)

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member of:Pure Prairie League (from 1982 until 1985)
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For LoveadditionalRingo Starr3:49
Give It a TryadditionalRingo Starr3:27
Gone Are the DaysadditionalRingo Starr2:50
Harry’s SongadditionalRingo Starr4:01
If It’s Love That You WantadditionalRingo Starr3:06
Liverpool 8additionalRingo Starr4:50
Love IsadditionalRingo Starr3:52
Now That She’s Gone AwayadditionalRingo Starr3:02
PasodoblesadditionalRingo Starr4:17
R U ReadyadditionalRingo Starr3:59
Think About YouadditionalRingo Starr3:40
Tuff LoveadditionalRingo Starr4:33
Can’t Do It WrongguitarRingo Starr3:45
Choose Loveelectric guitarRingo Starr3:07
Don’t Hang Upelectric guitarRingo Starr3:28
Elizabeth Reignsacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:57
English Garden / I Really Love Heracoustic guitarRingo Starr3:17
Eye to EyebassRingo Starr3:19
Fading In Fading Outacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:58
Fading In Fading Outelectric guitarRingo Starr3:58
Free Drinksacoustic guitarRingo Starr4:47
Free Drinkselectric guitarRingo Starr4:47
Give It a Tryacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:27
Give Me Back the Beatelectric guitarRingo Starr3:55
Hard to Be Trueslide guitarRingo Starr3:26
Hard to Be Truebass guitarRingo Starr3:26
Hard to Be Trueacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:26
Harry’s SongwhistleRingo Starr4:01
Harry’s Songguitar and soloRingo Starr4:01
Harry’s Songelectric guitarRingo Starr4:01
I Think Therefore I Rock ’n Rollacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:25
If It’s Love That You Wantelectric guitarRingo Starr3:06
Imagine Me Thereacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:56
Instant Amnesiaacoustic guitarRingo Starr5:13
Liverpool 8handclapsRingo Starr4:50
Love First, Ask Questions Lateracoustic guitarRingo Starr4:45
Love Iselectric guitarRingo Starr3:52
Love IskeyboardRingo Starr3:52
Me and Youacoustic guitarRingo Starr2:15
Memphis in Your Mindacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:14
Memphis in Your Mindelectric guitarRingo Starr3:14
Missouri Loves Companyacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:33
Never Without Youacoustic guitarRingo Starr5:23
Now That She’s Gone Awayelectric guitarRingo Starr3:02
Now That She’s Gone AwaykeyboardRingo Starr3:02
Now That She’s Gone Awayguitar and soloRingo Starr3:02
Oh My Lordbass guitarRingo Starr5:32
Oh My Lordacoustic guitarRingo Starr5:32
Pasodoblesacoustic guitarRingo Starr4:17
R U Readyguitar and soloRingo Starr3:59
R U ReadymandolinRingo Starr3:59
R U Readyacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:59
Satisfiedacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:18
Satisfiedelectric guitarRingo Starr3:18
Some Peopleacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:18
Standing Stillacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:05
The Turnaroundelectric guitarRingo Starr3:53
Think About Youelectric guitarRingo Starr3:40
Trippin’ on My Own Tearselectric guitarRingo Starr3:32
Tuff Loveelectric guitarRingo Starr4:33
What Love Wants to Beacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:03
What Love Wants to Beguitar and soloRingo Starr3:03
Write One for Meacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:15
Wrong All the Timeacoustic guitarRingo Starr3:40
Baby MineAlison Krauss3:37
Already Gonebackground vocalsTanya Tucker5:02
Blue Christmasbackground vocalsRingo Starr2:58
Choose Lovebackground vocalsRingo Starr3:07
Christmas Evebackground vocalsRingo Starr4:26
Christmas Time is Here Againbackground vocalsRingo Starr4:06
Come on Christmas, Christmas Come Onbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:36
Dear Santabackground vocalsRingo Starr5:15
Don’t Hang Upbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:28
Elizabeth Reignsbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:57
English Garden / I Really Love Herbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:17
Fading In Fading Outbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:58
Free Drinksbackground vocalsRingo Starr4:47
Give It a Trybackground vocalsRingo Starr3:27
Give Me Back the Beatbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:55
Gone Are the Daysbackground vocalsRingo Starr2:50
Harry’s Songbackground vocalsRingo Starr4:01
I Think Therefore I Rock ’n Rollbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:25
If It’s Love That You Wantbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:06
Imagine Me Therebackground vocalsRingo Starr3:56
Instant Amnesiabackground vocalsRingo Starr5:13
Liverpool 8background vocalsRingo Starr4:50
Love First, Ask Questions Laterbackground vocalsRingo Starr4:45
Me and Youbackground vocalsRingo Starr2:15
Memphis in Your Mindbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:14
Missouri Loves Companybackground vocalsRingo Starr3:33
Never Without Youbackground vocalsRingo Starr5:23
Now That She’s Gone Awaybackground vocalsRingo Starr3:02
Oh My Lordbackground vocalsRingo Starr5:32
Pasodoblesbackground vocalsRingo Starr4:17
R U Readybackground vocalsRingo Starr3:59
Satisfiedbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:18
So Wrong for So Longbackground vocalsRingo Starr4:02
Some Peoplebackground vocalsRingo Starr3:18
Standing Stillbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:05
The Christmas Dancebackground vocalsRingo Starr4:13
The Turnaroundbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:53
Think About Youbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:40
Trippin’ on My Own Tearsbackground vocalsRingo Starr3:32
Tuff Lovebackground vocalsRingo Starr4:33
What Love Wants to Bebackground vocalsRingo Starr3:03
Winter Wonderlandbackground vocalsRingo Starr2:55
Write One for Mebackground vocalsRingo Starr3:15
Burned Like a Rocket
Can't Be Really Gone
Five Minutes
I Would Be Stronger Than Than
Just Around the Eyes
Love’s Been a Little Bit Hard on Me
Make My Life With You
Run to Me
That’s My Job
This Is the Night
Watch Me
Burned Like a Rocket
Can't Be Really Gone
I Would Be Stronger Than Than
Just Around the Eyes
Love’s Been a Little Bit Hard on Me
That’s My Job
Watch Me
Before Your Love
Can’t Do It Wrong
Choose Love
Don’t Hang Up
Elizabeth Reigns
English Garden
Face to Face
Fading In Fading Out
Free Drinks
From Now On
Getting There
Give Me Back the Beat
Hard to Be True
Harry’s Song
Heart Half Empty
I Sing For Joy
If It’s Love That You Want
Imagine Me There
Instant Amnesia
It's All Good
Just About Now
Learning to Live With Me
Life Is Good
Love First, Ask Questions Later
Love Is
Memphis in Your Mind
Midnight's Gone
Nobody Wants to Be Lonely
Now That She's Gone Away
Oh My Lord
On the Side of Angels
One Last Good Hand
One Night a Day
Outside My Window
R U Ready
Silence Is King
Slap Like Being Born
Solo quiero amarte
Some People
Someday I Will
Standing Still
That’s Not Her Picture
The Turnaround
The Vows Go Unbroken (Always True to You)
Think About You
This Bed’s Too Big
Till You Love Me
Too Busy Being in Love
Touch and Go
Trippin’ on My Own Tears
Tuff Love
Up and Flying
What Love Wants to Be
What Mattered Most
What's in It for Me
Write One for Me
Wrong All the Time