Prurient (noise musician)

~ Person

Legal name: Dominick Fernow (Ian Dominick Fernow)

Also performs as: Christian Cosmos (Dominick Fernow side project), Exploring Jezebel, Force Publique Congo, Vatican Shadow



2000Jason Campbell / PrurientJason Campbell / Prurient1
2000[untitled]Flatline Construct / Richard Ramirez / Prurient1
2000OrnamentationPrurient & Goose1
2000Point and VoidPrurient42
2001Body LanguagePrurient1
2001Mater DolorosaPrurient1
2001Mummification and PrayerPrurient2
2002The History of AidsPrurient1
2003Shipwrecker's DiaryPrurient1
2003Troubled SleepPrurient1
200460 Minutes of Silence: Memorial for Lenka OrlikovaPrurient1
2004The Hidden Family/+White+Kites / Prurient2
2005Ghosts of NiagaraBurning Star Core / Prurient1
2005Black VasePrurient1
2005Love / RomanceNicole 12 / Prurient1
2005Disappearance of the MayaAaron Dilloway & Prurient2
2005The WarriorsWolf Eyes / Prurient1
2006Snail on a RazorHototogisu - Prurient1
2006Heavy Rain ReturnsCarlos Giffoni / Prurient1
2006Pleasure GroundPrurient1
2007Terminal CasesDeath Unit + Prurient1
2007Adam Tied to StonePrurient2
2007All Are Guests in the House of the LordPrurient & Kevin Drumm2
2007Colonialist Nature and MisanthropyPrurient2
2008Time Began in a GardenPrurient1
2008The Black Post SocietyPrurient1
2008And Still, WantingPrurient31
2009The Complete Kingdom RecordingsPrurient + Wilt1
2009Rose PillarPrurient1
2011Bermuda DrainPrurient4
2012Tiger Smells a CorpsePrurient2
2013Worship Is the Cleansing of the ImaginationJK Flesh / Prurient2
2013Through the WindowPrurient1
2013JesusPrurient & Nico Vascellari1
2015Frozen Niagara FallsPrurient33
2015Cocaine DaughterPrurient2
2016Various Auras: A Bird’s-Eye View Into a Machiavellian World of SecrecyRegis & Prurient / Alessandro Cortini / Kevin Drumm / Lussuria1
2016Unknown RainsPrurient2
2017Rainbow MirrorPrurient2
2018UnknownsPrurient / Hanged Mans Orgasm1
2019Garden of the Mutilated ParatroopersPrurient2
2019Noise For Halloween NightPrurient1
2020Casablanca FlamethrowerPrurient31
2021Black Crows CyborgMerzbow & Prurient2

Album + Compilation

2008Cocaine DeathPrurient31

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2011FACT Mix 266: PrurientPrurient1

Album + Live

2008End of AutumnSutcliffe Jügend / Prurient1


2005Church Of AmmunitionPrurient1
2006Cloven SpikePrurient / John Wiese1
2007Cocaine DeathPrurient1
2011Many Jewels Surround the CrownPrurient1
2011Time's ArrowPrurient2
2012Pleasure of RuinsPrurient1
2014Washed Against the RocksPrurient1
2018BlizzardAutoerotichrist / Prurient1


1998PersistencePrurient / Potassium Cyanide Dogbane Sentiment1
1999Aeronuatic Monkey BonesPrurient / Joshua Norton Cabal1
2000MundaneSickness / Prurient1
2001Guide to GroomingPrurient1
2001White Plains Leather / Back River FallsPrurient1
2004Red HeadPedestrian Deposit / Prurient1
2004Sexual MagicPrurient1
2005Akitsa / PrurientAkitsa / Prurient2
2005African DivisionPrurient1
2005Rubber BulletsPrurient1
2005Shrimp CrescentPrurient1
2005The Baron's ChamberPrurient1
2007Caribbean OverdosePrurient1
2007The Golden ChamberPrurient2
2007Answer to GodPrurient42
2007Cave DepressionPrurient1
2007Lily Of The Valley / Return Of HappinessPrurient1
2010Stars ExplodeCold Cave / Prurient1
2011Reflective Tile Inside the TunnelPrurient1
2012Wrapped in the Flame of Illusion, Masked in the Clay of BehaviorPrurient41
2012Mermaid SkeletonPrurient2
2013Women PissingPrurient / The Rita1
2014Dial B for BeautyUgandan Methods & Prurient2
2015Unmasking the InsectPrurient1
2020Chain Reaction at DuskKelly Moran / Prurient1
2021Gotham Steel GardensPrurient1

Other + Live

2001Live at the Bulb ClubhousePrurient1

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