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Vini Vink is a musical project from Europe, founded in mid-2018. The main style is an electro-house, pop, progressive house, disco, club. By the beginning of 2020, the Vink Vink released 9 singles. The single "Relax" managed to get good reviews to collect more than 100k Spotify auditions in the first week of its release. Next track "Danger Zone" was written under the influence of the television show "the Hundred." The science fiction genre makes the imagination work, and the constant dynamics of events in this show inspired the Vini Vink team to release the track "Danger Zone." A simple melody, a simple rhythm, but at the same time, an atmosphere of danger and a desire to know what will happen next is created.
The "ERA" track was released in April 2019. This is a progressive house, trance, electronic record. Was seen by the curators of the playlist "Before They Become Famous" on Tidal. And held out on their chart in 1st place for almost 3 weeks, which inspires the further development of this direction. Vini Vink celebrated his first birthday with the release of the super fun charged track, "Let's Go." It's nice to realize that this track hit the sports fields and became associated with sports and workout.
Then, until the end of 2019, 4 more singles were released. "My Best Day," this track is dedicated to the memory of Avicii, combines a progressive house, trance. In December 2019, Vini Vink released the next single "Studio 54", immersing the listener in the 1977 New York atmosphere. In the days when the legendary Studio 54 club opened, this determined a high level of nightly entertainment.
For the Christmas holidays, we got two new tracks: "Feel the Flight" and "Magic." In 2020, the release of a full album is planned.

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