Dave Parsons (Sham 69 guitarist)

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member of:Sham 69 (from 1977 until 1979, from 1987 to present: guitar)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/349845 [info]
SecondHandSongs:https://secondhandsongs.com/artist/10127 [info]


Break on ThroughguitarSham 692:47
Breeding DinosaursguitarSham 694:00
Caroline's SuitcaseguitarSham 694:17
Feel ItguitarSham 693:17
FlowersguitarSham 693:52
Information LibertaireguitarSham 693:26
King Kong Drinks Coca-ColaguitarSham 692:32
Planet TrashguitarSham 694:19
Saturdays and StrangewaysguitarSham 693:27
UptownguitarSham 692:38
Wild and WonderfulguitarSham 694:52
Break on ThroughSham 692:47
Breeding DinosaursSham 694:00
Caroline's SuitcaseSham 694:17
Feel ItSham 693:17
FlowersSham 693:52
Information LibertaireSham 693:26
King Kong Drinks Coca-ColaSham 692:32
Planet TrashSham 694:19
Saturdays and StrangewaysSham 693:27
UptownSham 692:38
Wild and WonderfulSham 694:52
Hurry Up England (The People’s Anthem)
I Gotta Survive
I'm a Man
I’m a Man I’m a Boy
Ich will nicht nach Hause
No Entry
Red London
Angels With Dirty Faces
Borstal Breakout
Breeding Dinosaurs
Caroline's Suitcase
Family Life
Feel It
Give a Dog a Bone
Hersham Boys
Hey Little Rich Boy
How the West Was Won
Hurry Up Harry
I Don’t Wanna
If the Kids Are United
Information Libertaire
Joeys on the Street
King Kong Drinks Coca-Cola
Planet Trash
Poor Cow
Questions and Answers
Reggae Giro
Rip & Tear
Rip Off
Saturdays and Strangeways
Sunday Morning Nightmare
Tell the Children
Tell Us the Truth
That's Life
The Cockney Kids Are Innocent
The Game
They Don't Understand
Ulster Boy
Unite and Win
We Got a Fight
What About the Lonely
What Have We Got
Who Gives a Damn
Wild and Wonderful