Adam Theis

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member of:Contemporary Jazz Orchestra (trombone)
The Jazz Mafia Horns
Realistic (San Francisco jazz group)
Realistic Orchestra
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Coulda Woulda ShouldaLyrics Born feat. Sam Sparro4:40
Oh, Baby!Lyrics Born3:28
We Live by the BeatLyrics Born4:14
Abbracciare Il JazztromboneCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Achilles HeeltromboneCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Afro SheentromboneWill Bernard6:55
AugusttromboneCosa Nostra Strings7:13
AutopsytromboneCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Ballad for BennytromboneAlex Budman & Contemporary Jazz Orchestra3:50
Beautiful UglytromboneRaashan Ahmad feat. Adam Theis3:09
Chin UptromboneWill Bernard4:57
Coulda Woulda ShouldatromboneLyrics Born feat. Sam Sparro4:40
DominotromboneGalactic feat. Ryan Montbleau3:43
DominotrumpetGalactic feat. Ryan Montbleau3:43
Don't ChangehornLyrics Born feat. Myron Glasper & DJ D‐Sharp3:24
DunnotromboneCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Emperor LewistromboneCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Emperor Lewis (intro)tromboneCosa Nostra Strings?:??
GirolatatromboneAlex Budman & Contemporary Jazz Orchestra6:42
Her SunsettromboneCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Hott 2 DeffhornLyrics Born feat. Chali 2na & Joyo Velarde3:12
I Can't Decide (Everywhere at Once)hornLyrics Born feat. Myron Glasper4:03
Is It the Skin I'm In?hornLyrics Born feat. Myron Glasper3:53
Kill Em With KindnesstromboneCosa Nostra Strings7:57
Little PrayertromboneAlex Budman & Contemporary Jazz Orchestra9:39
Oh, Baby!tromboneLyrics Born3:28
OmertatromboneCosa Nostra Strings?:??
On Fire TonighttromboneBlackalicious feat. Myron2:41
Rules Were Meant to Be BrokenhornLyrics Born4:08
Share the SeatromboneWill Bernard5:37
SidewavetromboneAlex Budman & Contemporary Jazz Orchestra7:24
Strange ArithmetictromboneThe Coup4:05
The Acrobat | (feat. Rob Reich)tromboneCosa Nostra Strings?:??
The Gods of SciencetromboneThe Coup3:07
We Live by the BeattromboneLyrics Born4:14
When We Walked in the SuntromboneAlex Budman & Contemporary Jazz Orchestra6:15
WhispershornLyrics Born feat. C-Holiday4:42
instruments arranged
Coulda Woulda Shouldastrings and wind instrumentsLyrics Born feat. Sam Sparro4:40
Abbracciare Il JazzCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Achilles HeelCosa Nostra Strings?:??
AugustCosa Nostra Strings7:13
AutopsyCosa Nostra Strings?:??
DunnoCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Emperor LewisCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Emperor Lewis (intro)Cosa Nostra Strings?:??
Her SunsetCosa Nostra Strings?:??
Kill Em With KindnessCosa Nostra Strings7:57
OmertaCosa Nostra Strings?:??
The Acrobat | (feat. Rob Reich)Cosa Nostra Strings?:??
The Power of Rumor (Leonard Is Lost)Latyrx4:12
Bad Newsguest and tromboneGet Dead
Coulda Woulda Shoulda
Hott 2 Deff
Is It the Skin I'm In?
Whispers (Lyrics Born song)