Gary Winger

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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Attitudeadditional and assistantMetallica5:16
Bad Seedadditional and assistantMetallica4:05
Better Than Youadditional and assistantMetallica5:22
Carpe Diem Babyadditional and assistantMetallica6:12
Devil’s Danceadditional and assistantMetallica5:19
Fixxxeradditional and assistantMetallica8:15
Fueladditional and assistantMetallica4:30
Low Man’s Lyricadditional and assistantMetallica7:37
Prince Charmingadditional and assistantMetallica6:05
Slitheradditional and assistantMetallica5:13
The Memory Remainsadditional and assistantMetallica4:39
The Unforgiven IIadditional and assistantMetallica6:36
Where the Wild Things Areadditional and assistantMetallica6:54
AloneassistantWide Mouth Mason3:01
BurnassistantWide Mouth Mason4:48
Companion (Lay Me Down)assistantWide Mouth Mason3:01
Crystal BallassistantWide Mouth Mason4:02
Don’t Get Yourself in Trouble (live)assistantBachman–Turner Overdrive10:35
Empty SeatassistantWide Mouth Mason4:06
Falling DownassistantWide Mouth Mason4:45
Half a ChanceassistantWide Mouth Mason4:06
King of PoisonassistantWide Mouth Mason3:20
OldassistantWide Mouth Mason3:47
SugarcaneassistantWide Mouth Mason4:25
Where I StartedassistantWide Mouth Mason5:08
WhyassistantWide Mouth Mason2:57
recording engineer for
If She Only KnewGary Wingerassistant98°4:29
StillGary Wingerassistant98°4:01
Generation SwineassistantMötley Crüe
Make a Pest a PetadditionalThe Age of Electric