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additional members:Emil Schult
Klaus Dinger (from 1970 until 1971)
members:Fritz Hilpert
Henning Schmitz
Andreas Hohmann (drummer) (in 1970: membranophone)
Michael Rother (German experimental musician) (in 1970)
Wolfgang Flür (from 1973 until 1987)
Klaus Röder (German electronic musician) (in 1974: violin, guitar)
Karl Bartos (from 1975 until 1990)
Falk Grieffenhagen (from 2013 to present)
original members:Ralf Hütter (from 1970 to present)
Florian Schneider (founding member of Kraftwerk) (from 1970 until 2008-11)
supporting artists:Barbara Niemöller (from 1973 until 1974)
founded:Kling Klang Music
has catalogue:Kling Klang Digital Master (Kraftwerk 2009 remasters)
part of:Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame: Early Influences (number: 2021) (order: 36)
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Abzug (original album version)Kraftwerk4:54
Das ModelKraftwerk3:42
Die Mensch·MaschineKraftwerk5:26
Die RoboterKraftwerk6:14
Endlos EndlosKraftwerk0:46
Europa EndlosKraftwerk9:41
Franz SchubertKraftwerk4:26
It's More Fun to Compute (feat. Kraftwerk)Old School Players3:50
Metall auf MetallKraftwerk2:11
Numbers (feat. Kraftwerk)Old School Players3:54
Trans Europa ExpressKraftwerk6:36
Der Telefon Anruf (German version)Kraftwerk8:18
House PhoneKraftwerk4:52
The Telephone Call (remix)Kraftwerk8:18
1997‐05‐25: BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: Tribal Gathering, Luton, UKSneaker Pimps, Justin Robertson, DJ Sneak, Kraftwerk, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold & Way Out West
holds copyright for
2009Die Mensch·Maschine (Kling Klang 2009 Digital Remaster)Kraftwerk
2009Trans Europa Express (Kling Klang 2009 Digital Remaster)Kraftwerk
2021Heimcomputer (Musikexpress, Heft, Juni 06/2021)Kraftwerk
holds phonographic copyright for
2021Heimcomputer (Musikexpress, Heft, Juni 06/2021)Kraftwerk
Electric CafeKraftwerk
Electric CafeKraftwerk
Electric CafeKraftwerk
Electric CafeKraftwerk
tribute albums
8-Bit Operators: The Music of Kraftwerk8-Bit Operators
A Bass Tribute to KraftwerkBasskraft
Cracking the Code: Tribute To KraftwerkVarious Artists
El Baile AlemánSeñor Coconut y su conjunto
Electroloops: A Tribute to KraftwerkVarious Artists
Enter the Mix: A Nonstop Techno Tribute to Depeche Mode & KraftwerkVarious Artists
Hommage Den Robotern (A Tribute to Kraftwerk)Various Artists
I migliori successi dei Kraftwerk: Nelle nuove riedizioni dei Trans WorldTrans World
Kraftworld: Brazilian Tribute to KraftwerkVarious Artists
Krafty Move: An Electronic Tribute to KraftwerkVarious Artists
Musique Non Stop: A Tribute to KraftwerkVarious Artists
Technicolour: A Techno Tribute to KraftwerkVarious Artists
The Radioactive Tribute to KraftwerkVarious Artists
Trancewerk Express, Volume II: A Tribute to KraftwerkVarious Artists
Trans Slovenia ExpressVarious Artists
Trans Slovenia Express, Volume 2Various Artists
The Robots