David Bowie

~ Person

Legal name: David Robert Jones



1967David BowieDavid Bowie2.8510
1969David Bowie (aka “Man of Words / Man of Music” then “Space Oddity”)David Bowie3.7530
1970The Man Who Sold the WorldDavid Bowie3.822
1971Hunky DoryDavid Bowie4.3531
1972The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From MarsDavid Bowie4.6547
1973Aladdin SaneDavid Bowie3.726
1973Pin UpsDavid Bowie3.218
1974Diamond DogsDavid Bowie3.925
1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie3.519
1976Station to StationDavid Bowie4.126
1977LowDavid Bowie4.3522
1977“Heroes”David Bowie4.321
1978David Bowie Narrates Prokofiev’s Peter and the WolfProkofiev; David Bowie, The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy4.56
1979LodgerDavid Bowie3.923
1980Scary Monsters… and Super CreepsDavid Bowie3.619
1983Let’s DanceDavid Bowie3.927
1984TonightDavid Bowie3.1514
1987Never Let Me DownDavid Bowie316
1993Black Tie White NoiseDavid Bowie2.810
19951.Outside: The Nathan Adler Diaries: A Hyper CycleDavid Bowie3.920
1997EarthlingDavid Bowie3.516
1999‘hours…’David Bowie3.219
2002HeathenDavid Bowie3.8521
2003RealityDavid Bowie3.917
2013The Next DayDavid Bowie3.718
2016 (Blackstar)David Bowie4.316

Album + Compilation

1970The World of David BowieDavid Bowie33
1973Images 1966–1967David Bowie34
1976ChangesOneBowieDavid Bowie36
1977Starting PointDavid Bowie32
1979David BowieDavid Bowie31
1980The Best of BowieDavid Bowie2.52
1981ChangesTwoBowieDavid Bowie36
1981Another FaceDavid Bowie32
1981La grande storia del rockDavid Bowie31
1982RareDavid Bowie35
1982FashionsDavid Bowie41
1982Portrait of a StarDavid Bowie31
1983A Second FaceDavid Bowie32
1983Golden Years (compilation album)David Bowie34
1983Space Oddity / The Man Who Sold the WorldDavid Bowie1
1984Fame and Fashion (David Bowie’s All Time Greatest Hits)David Bowie36
1989Sound + VisionDavid Bowie4.7511
1990ChangesbowieDavid Bowie4.2514
1991Early On (1964–1966)David Bowie31
1992David Bowie: The CollectionDavid Bowie1
1993The Singles CollectionDavid Bowie411
1993The Gospel According to David BowieDavid Bowie32
1995RarestOneBowieDavid Bowie32
1996The Laughing GnomeDavid Bowie31
1997The Deram Anthology 1966–1968David Bowie33
1997The Best of David Bowie 1969/1974David Bowie35
1997Alternative BiographyDavid Bowie31
1997The 24K Gold Collection – Golden YearsDavid Bowie1
1998The Best of David Bowie 1974/1979David Bowie32
1998London BoyDavid Bowie1
2000Bowie at the Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68–72David Bowie4.510
2001All Saints (Collected Instrumentals 1977–1999)David Bowie4
2002Best of BowieDavid Bowie4.0532
2005The CollectionDavid Bowie2
2005The Platinum CollectionDavid Bowie33
2007The Best of David Bowie 1980/1987David Bowie2
2007Outside / Earthling / Hours / Heathen / RealityDavid Bowie41
2007The Secret SongsDavid Bowie1
2008iSELECTDavid Bowie43
2012Original Album ClassicsDavid Bowie1
2013Zeit! 77–79David Bowie2
2014Nothing has changed.David Bowie411
2015Five Years 1969–1973David Bowie47
2016Who Can I Be Now? 1974–1976David Bowie14
2016LegacyDavid Bowie47
2017BowpromoDavid Bowie1
2017A New Career in a New Town (1977–1982)David Bowie5
2018Loving the Alien (1983–1988)David Bowie3
2019Conversation PieceDavid Bowie35
2020David Bowie: The Early YearsDavid Bowie1
2020The Width of a CircleDavid Bowie2

Album + Compilation + Demo

2019The ‘Mercury’ DemosDavid Bowie with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson1

Album + Compilation + Remix

2019DanceDavid Bowie1

Album + Live

1974David LiveDavid Bowie10
1978StageDavid Bowie311
1984Serious MoonlightDavid Bowie35
1989Live Santa Monica ’72David Bowie413
1990Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74)David Bowie513
2000Glastonbury 2000David Bowie9
2000Liveandwell.comDavid Bowie3
2002Glass SpiderDavid Bowie45
2009VH1 StorytellersDavid Bowie33
2010A Reality TourDavid Bowie44
2015Day in Day Out: Radio Broadcast, Australia 1987David Bowie1
2016Hello BirminghamDavid Bowie1
2016Live Nassau Coliseum ’76David Bowie2
2018Welcome to the Blackout (live London ’78)David Bowie5
2020ChangesNowBowieDavid Bowie2
2020Ouvrez le chien: Live Dallas 95David Bowie1
2020Something in the Air (live Paris 99)David Bowie1
2020I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74)David Bowie3
2020No Trendy Réchauffé (live Birmingham 95)David Bowie1
2021Look at the Moon! (live Phoenix Festival 97)David Bowie2
2021At the Kit Kat Klub (live New York 99)David Bowie1

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