member of:Papa Roach (from 1996 to present: bass guitar)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
9th LifekeyboardPapa Roach3:13
9th Lifeelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:13
9th LifeguitarPapa Roach3:13
Anxietybass guitar [bass], guest and guitarThe Black Eyed Peas with Papa Roach3:38
As Far as I RememberTobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach3:43
Be Freeelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:18
Be FreeguitarPapa Roach3:18
Before I DieTobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach4:25
Better Than Lifeelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:21
Black CloudsTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach4:02
Black CloudsTobinguitar familyPapa Roach4:02
Blanket of FearguitarPapa Roach3:22
Blanket of Fearelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:22
Blood (Empty Promises)electric bass guitarPapa Roach2:56
Blood (Empty Promises)guitarPapa Roach2:56
Born With Nothing, Die With EverythingTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:50
Born With Nothing, Die With EverythingTobinguitar familyPapa Roach3:50
Breathe You InTobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach3:08
Broken as Meelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:37
Broken as MeguitarPapa Roach3:37
Code of EnergyTobinguitar familyPapa Roach4:04
Code of EnergyTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach4:04
Come Aroundelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:31
Decompression PeriodTobinguitar familyPapa Roach3:59
Decompression PeriodTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:59
Devilelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:27
DevilguitarPapa Roach3:27
Do or DieguitarPapa Roach3:25
Do or Dieelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:25
Done With Youelectric bass guitarPapa Roach2:52
Done With YouguitarPapa Roach2:52
Elevateelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:10
EngageTobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach0:52
Face Everything and RiseguitarPapa Roach3:11
Face Everything and Rise (live)electric bass guitarPapa Roach3:14
Face Everything and Rise (live)guitarPapa Roach3:14
Face Everything and Riseelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:11
Falling ApartguitarPapa Roach3:09
Falling Apartelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:09
Fear Hate Loveelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:27
Fear Hate LoveguitarPapa Roach3:27
Feel Like Homeelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:08
Getting Away With MurderguitarPapa Roach3:11
Getting Away With Murderelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:11
Give Me Back My LifeTobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach3:59
GravityguitarPapa Roach feat. Maria Brink4:04
Gravityelectric bass guitarPapa Roach feat. Maria Brink4:04
Hope for the HopelessguitarPapa Roach2:59
Hope for the Hopelesselectric bass guitarPapa Roach2:59
I Suffer Wellelectric bass guitarPapa Roach1:21
Leader of the Broken HeartsTobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach4:13
Leader of the Broken Hearts (live)guitarPapa Roach3:52
Leader of the Broken Hearts (live)electric bass guitarPapa Roach3:52
Life Is a BulletTobinguitar familyPapa Roach4:05
Life Is a BulletTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach4:05
Love Me Till It HurtsguitarPapa Roach3:43
Love Me Till It Hurtselectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:43
LovehatetragedyTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:13
LovehatetragedyTobinguitar familyPapa Roach3:13
M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)Tobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach2:27
M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)Tobinguitar familyPapa Roach2:27
Maniacelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:20
Never Have to Say Goodbyeelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:47
Never Have to Say GoodbyeguitarPapa Roach3:47
Not ListeningguitarPapa Roach3:10
Not Listeningelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:10
Not That BeautifulTobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach3:18
Not the Only Oneelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:25
Problemselectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:03
Renegade Musicelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:30
Scars (radio edit)bass guitar and guitar familyPapa Roach3:28
Scars (radio edit)guitarPapa Roach3:28
Scars (radio edit)electric bass guitarPapa Roach3:28
Scars (live)electric bass guitarPapa Roach3:09
Scars (live)guitarPapa Roach3:09
She Loves Me NotTobinguitar familyPapa Roach3:31
She Loves Me NotTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:31
Silence Is the EnemyTobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach2:53
Singular Indestructible DroidTobinguitar familyPapa Roach3:49
Singular Indestructible DroidTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:49
SkeletonsguitarPapa Roach3:55
Skeletonselectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:55
SometimesguitarPapa Roach3:08
Sometimeselectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:08
Still Swingin’Tobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach3:23
Stop Looking Start Seeingelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:08
Stop Looking Start SeeingguitarPapa Roach3:08
Take Meelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:26
Take MeguitarPapa Roach3:26
The Endingelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:30
Time and Time AgainTobinguitar familyPapa Roach2:59
Time and Time AgainTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach2:59
Top of the Worldelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:54
Tyranny of Normalityelectric bass guitarPapa Roach2:40
Tyranny of NormalityguitarPapa Roach2:40
Walking DeadTobinelectric bass guitar, guitar and keyboardPapa Roach3:18
Walking Thru Barbed WireTobinguitar familyPapa Roach3:05
Walking Thru Barbed WireTobinelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:05
War Over MeguitarPapa Roach3:58
War Over Meelectric bass guitarPapa Roach3:58
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9th LifeTobinPapa Roach3:13
As Far as I RememberTobinPapa Roach3:43
Before I DieTobinPapa Roach4:25
Breathe You InTobinPapa Roach3:08
Broken as MePapa Roach3:37
Broken as MeadditionalPapa Roach3:37
DevilPapa Roach3:27
EngageTobinPapa Roach0:52
Face Everything and RisePapa Roach3:11
Falling ApartPapa Roach3:09
Fear Hate LoveadditionalPapa Roach3:27
Fear Hate LovePapa Roach3:27
Give Me Back My LifeTobinPapa Roach3:59
GravityPapa Roach feat. Maria Brink4:04
GravityadditionalPapa Roach feat. Maria Brink4:04
Hope for the HopelessPapa Roach2:59
Leader of the Broken HeartsTobinPapa Roach4:13
Love Me Till It HurtsPapa Roach3:43
Never Have to Say GoodbyePapa Roach3:47
Not That BeautifulTobinPapa Roach3:18
Silence Is the EnemyTobinPapa Roach2:53
SkeletonsadditionalPapa Roach3:55
SkeletonsPapa Roach3:55
Still Swingin’TobinPapa Roach3:23
Walking DeadTobinPapa Roach3:18
War Over MePapa Roach3:58
War Over MeadditionalPapa Roach3:58
WarriorsPapa Roach feat. Royce da 5′9″2:56
What's Left of MeTobinPapa Roach2:59
Where Did the Angels Go?TobinPapa Roach3:10
Wish You Never Met MeTobinPapa Roach4:06
Won’t Let UpTobinPapa Roach4:00
You Gotta Want ItPapa Roach3:39
9th LifeTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:13
As Far as I RememberTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:43
Be Freebackground vocalsPapa Roach3:18
Before I DieTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach4:25
Blanket of Fearbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:22
Blood (Empty Promises)background vocalsPapa Roach2:56
Breathe You InTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:08
Do or Diebackground vocalsPapa Roach3:25
Done With Youbackground vocalsPapa Roach2:52
EngageTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach0:52
Getting Away With Murderbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:11
Give Me Back My LifeTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:59
Leader of the Broken HeartsTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach4:13
Not Listeningbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:10
Not That BeautifulTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:18
Scars (radio edit)Papa Roach3:28
Scars (radio edit)background vocalsPapa Roach3:28
Silence Is the EnemyTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach2:53
Sometimesbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:08
Still Swingin’Tobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:23
Stop Looking Start Seeingbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:08
Take Mebackground vocalsPapa Roach3:26
Tyranny of Normalitybackground vocalsPapa Roach2:40
Walking DeadTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:18
What's Left of MeTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach2:59
Where Did the Angels Go?Tobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:10
Wish You Never Met MeTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach4:06
Won’t Let UpTobinbackground vocalsPapa Roach4:00
You Gotta Want Itbackground vocalsPapa Roach3:39
Lovehatetragedybass guitar and guitar familyPapa Roach
LovehatetragedyTobinbass guitar and guitar familyPapa Roach
Metamorphosisbass guitar [bass guitars]Papa Roach
MetamorphosisPapa Roach
Metamorphosisbackground vocals [backing vocals]Papa Roach
Angry White Boy Polka
Be Free
Between Angels and Insects
Black CloudsTobin E.
Blanket of Fear
Blood (Empty Promises)
Blood Brothers
Born With Nothing, Die With EverythingTobin E.
Broken Home
Carry Me
Change or Die
Code of EnergyTobin E.
Days of War
Dead Cell
Decompression PeriodTobin E.
Do or Die
Done With You
Getting Away With Murder
Had Enough
Hollywood Whore
I Almost Told You That I Loved You
Into the Light
Last Resort
Life Is a BulletTobin E.
Live This Down
LovehatetragedyTobin E.
M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)Tobin E.
March Out of the Darkness
Never Enough
Never Said It
Nights of Love
Not Listening
She Loves Me NotTobin E.
Singular Indestructible DroidTobin E.
State of Emergency
Stop Looking, Start Seeing
Take Me
Thrown Away
Time and Time AgainTobin E.
Tyranny of Normality
Walking Thru Barbed WireTobin E.
Angry White Boy Polka
Between Angels and Insects
Blood Brothers
Broken Home
Dead Cell
Last Resort
Never Enough
Thrown Away
…To Be Loved
Alive (n’ Out of Control)
As Far as I Remember
Before I Die
Better Than Life
Born for Greatness
Break the Fall
Breaking Me Down
Breathe You In
Broken as MeT. Esperance
Caught Dead
Come Around
Crooked Teeth
DevilT. Esperance
Face Everything and RiseT. Esperance
Falling ApartT. Esperance
Fear Hate LoveT. Esperance
Feel Like Home
Give Me Back My Life
GravityT. Esperance
Harder Than a Coffin Nail
Hope for the HopelessT. Esperance
I Devise My Own Demise
I Suffer Well
Kick in the Teeth
Leader of the Broken Hearts
Love Me Till It HurtsT. Esperance
My Heart Is a Fist
My Medication
Never Have to Say GoodbyeT. Esperance
No Matter What
No More Secrets
None of the Above
Not That Beautiful
Not the Only One
One Track Mind
Renegade Music
Set Me Off
Silence Is the Enemy
SkeletonsT. Esperance
Still Swingin’
Sunrise Trailer Park
The Addict
The Ending
The Enemy
The Fire
The World Around You
Time Is Running Out
Top of the World
Walking Dead
War Over MeT. Esperance
WarriorsT. Esperance
What Do You Do?
What’s Left of Me
Where Did the Angels Go
Who Do You Trust?
Wish You Never Met Me
Won’t Let Up
You Gotta Want It