collaborator on:Artists Against AIDS Worldwide
member of:Artists Against Aids Worldwide
Innosense (American pop group) (in 1997)
siblings:Jamie Lynn Spears
married:Kevin Federline (from 2004-09-18 until 2006-11-07)
has personal publisher:Britney Spears Music
primary concert venue:Zappos Theater (current, 2000–present) in Paradise, Nevada, United States (from 2013-12-27 until 2017-12-31)
tours:Dream Within a Dream Tour
Femme Fatale Tour
part of:Appeared on Star Search (US) (number: 1992) (order: 67)
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appears on video
EverytimeBritney Spears4:07
Me Against the MusicBritney Spears feat. Madonna3:45
The Hook UpBritney Spears3:54
Someday (I Will Understand) (2009 remaster)pianoBritney Spears3:38
SMS (Bangerz)guestMiley Cyrus feat. Britney Spears2:49
So Fucking Crazy (Britney Spears vs. Metallica)[unknown]2:10
1999-11 – 2000-02(I Can’t Get No) Satisfactionlead vocalsBritney Spears4:26
1999-11 – 2000-02Can’t Make You Love Melead vocalsBritney Spears3:17
1999-11 – 2000-02Dear Diarylead vocalsBritney Spears2:47
1999-11 – 2000-02Don’t Go Knockin’ on My Doorlead vocalsBritney Spears3:43
1999-11 – 2000-02Don’t Go Knockin’ on My Doorbackground vocals [backing vocals]Britney Spears3:43
1999-11 – 2000-02Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Knowlead vocalsBritney Spears3:51
1999-11 – 2000-02Lucky (album version)lead vocalsBritney Spears3:26
1999-11 – 2000-02Lucky (album version)background vocals [backing vocals]Britney Spears3:26
1999-11 – 2000-02One Kiss From Youbackground vocals [backing vocals]Britney Spears3:25
1999-11 – 2000-02One Kiss From Youlead vocalsBritney Spears3:25
1999-11 – 2000-02Oops!…I Did It Again (album version)lead vocalsBritney Spears3:32
1999-11 – 2000-02Oops!…I Did It Again (album version)background vocals [backing vocals], lead vocals and spoken vocals [dialog]Britney Spears3:32
1999-11 – 2000-02Strongerbackground vocals [backing vocals] and lead vocalsBritney Spears3:23
1999-11 – 2000-02Strongerlead vocalsBritney Spears3:23
1999-11 – 2000-02What U See (Is What U Get)lead vocalsBritney Spears3:37
1999-11 – 2000-02When Your Eyes Say Itlead vocalsBritney Spears4:30
1999-11 – 2000-02Where Are You Nowlead vocalsBritney Spears4:40
1999-11 – 2000-02Where Are You Nowbackground vocals [backing vocals]Britney Spears4:40
…Baby One More Timebackground vocalsBritney Spears3:31
…Baby One More Timelead vocalsBritney Spears3:31
…Baby One More Time (Boy Wunder radio mix)lead vocalsBritney Spears3:27
…Baby One More Time (Davidson Ospina remix)lead vocalsBritney Spears3:26
(Drop Dead) Beautifullead vocalsBritney Spears feat. Sabi3:36
(I Got That) Boom Boombackground vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears feat. Ying Yang Twins4:51
(You Drive Me) Crazylead vocalsBritney Spears3:19
34+35 (the ultimate female pop remix)Ariana Grande8:17
Alienlead vocalsBritney Spears3:56
Anticipatingbackground vocalsBritney Spears3:16
Anticipatinglead vocalsBritney Spears3:16
Autumn Goodbyelead vocalsBritney Spears3:41
Before the Goodbyelead vocalsBritney Spears3:48
Big Fat Basslead vocalsBritney Spears feat. will.i.am4:44
Body Achelead vocalsBritney Spears3:25
Bombastic Lovelead vocalsBritney Spears3:06
Born to Make You Happylead vocalsBritney Spears4:05
Boyslead vocalsBritney Spears3:28
Brave New Girlbackground vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears3:31
Breathe on Mebackground vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears3:44
Brightest Morning Starlead vocalsBritney Spears2:59
Chillin’ with Youlead vocalsBritney Spears feat. Jamie Lynn3:38
Chillin’ with Youbackground vocalsBritney Spears feat. Jamie Lynn3:38
Cinderellabackground vocalsBritney Spears3:39
Cinderellalead vocalsBritney Spears3:39
Criminallead vocalsBritney Spears3:45
Deep in My Heartlead vocalsBritney Spears3:36
Don’t Crylead vocalsBritney Spears3:14
Don’t Hang Upbackground vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears4:01
Don’t Keep Me Waitinglead vocalsBritney Spears3:21
E‐mail My Heartbackground vocalsBritney Spears3:43
E‐mail My Heartlead vocalsBritney Spears3:43
Early Mornin’background vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears3:46
Everytimelead vocalsBritney Spears3:51
From the Bottom of My Broken Heartbackground vocalsBritney Spears5:12
From the Bottom of My Broken Heartlead vocalsBritney Spears5:12
Gasolinelead vocalsBritney Spears3:08
HandsguestVarious Artists4:23
He About to Lose Melead vocalsBritney Spears3:49
Hit Me Babylead vocalsCounterforce feat. Britney Spears3:47
Hold It Against Melead vocalsBritney Spears3:49
How I Rolllead vocalsBritney Spears3:36
I Love Rock ’n’ Rolllead vocalsBritney Spears3:07
I Wanna Golead vocalsBritney Spears3:30
I Will Be Therelead vocalsBritney Spears3:55
I Will Still Love Youbackground vocalsBritney Spears duet with Don Philip4:04
I Will Still Love Youlead vocalsBritney Spears duet with Don Philip4:04
I’ll Never Stop Loving Youlead vocalsBritney Spears3:43
I’m a Slave 4 Ulead vocalsBritney Spears3:24
I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Womanlead vocalsBritney Spears3:51
Inside Outlead vocalsBritney Spears3:38
It Should Be Easylead vocalsBritney Spears feat. will.i.am3:26
Let Me Belead vocalsBritney Spears2:51
Let Me Bebackground vocalsBritney Spears2:51
Like a Virgin / Hollywood Medley (2003: MTV Video Music Awards)guest and lead vocalsMadonna feat. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears & Missy Elliott5:37
Lonelylead vocalsBritney Spears3:21
Lonelybackground vocalsBritney Spears3:21
Me Against the Musicbackground vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears feat. Madonna3:45
nastyAriana Grande ft. Britney Spears3:23
Now That I Found Youbackground vocalsBritney Spears4:16
Now That I Found Youlead vocalsBritney Spears4:16
Oops!... I Did It Again (Rodney Jerkins remix)spoken vocals [dialog]Britney Spears3:10
Oops!... I Did It Again (Rodney Jerkins remix)background vocals [backing vocals]Britney Spears3:10
Outrageousbackground vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears3:27
Over to You NowBritney Spears3:41
Overprotectedlead vocalsBritney Spears3:20
Overprotectedbackground vocalsBritney Spears3:20
Passengerlead vocalsBritney Spears3:40
Perfumelead vocalsBritney Spears3:59
Perfume (The Dreaming mix)lead vocalsBritney Spears4:02
positions (the megamix)Ariana Grande4:06
S&M (remix)guest and lead vocalsRihanna feat. Britney Spears4:17
Seal It With a Kisslead vocalsBritney Spears3:26
Selfishlead vocalsBritney Spears3:44
Shadowbackground vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears3:46
Showdownbackground vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears3:18
Smash Hits 2000 Radio Interviewspoken vocalsBritney Spears3:42
Soda Popbackground vocals and lead vocalsBritney Spears3:22
Someday (I Will Understand) (2009 remaster)lead vocalsBritney Spears3:38
Sometimeslead vocalsBritney Spears4:06
Stronger (Mac Quayle mix show edit)background vocalsBritney Spears5:21
Stronger (Miguel Migs vocal edit)background vocalsBritney Spears3:41
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