Nic Endo

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member of:Atari Teenage Riot (digital hardcore band) (from 1997 to present)
performs as:She-Satellites (from 1999 to present)
founded:The Hellish Vortex Studios in Berlin, Germany
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Anarchy 999samplerAtari Teenage Riot4:14
Anarchy 999samplerAtari Teenage Riot4:08
Atari Teenage Riot IIsamplerAtari Teenage Riot6:09
By Any Means NecessarysamplerAtari Teenage Riot2:38
By Any Means NecessarysamplerAtari Teenage Riot1:40
Death of a President D.I.Y.!samplerAtari Teenage Riot4:44
Digital HardcoresamplerAtari Teenage Riot4:11
GhostchasesamplerAtari Teenage Riot4:34
No SuccesssamplerAtari Teenage Riot3:49
Revolution ActionsamplerAtari Teenage Riot4:09
The Virus Has Been SpreadsamplerAtari Teenage Riot1:15
Too Dead for MesamplerAtari Teenage Riot4:18
Too Dead for MesamplerAtari Teenage Riot3:57
U.S. Fade OutsamplerAtari Teenage Riot2:53
Western DecaysamplerAtari Teenage Riot5:51
Your Uniform (Does Not Impress Me!)samplerAtari Teenage Riot5:48
Cra$hAtari Teenage Riot3:43
Death MachineAtari Teenage Riot3:55
Erase Your FaceAtari Teenage Riot6:15
J1M1Atari Teenage Riot3:15
Modern LiarsAtari Teenage Riot4:03
New BloodAtari Teenage Riot3:51
ResetAtari Teenage Riot4:28
Street GrimeAtari Teenage Riot3:12
TransducerAtari Teenage Riot5:21
We Are From the InternetAtari Teenage Riot4:52
Slaves (Nic Endo mix)Hanin Elias3:49
Slaves (Nic Endo mix)Hanin Elias3:19
Slaves (Nic Endo remix)Hanin Elias3:49
Blood in My EyesAtari Teenage Riot3:47
1998White HeatNic Endo
1998White HeatNic Endo
Digital Hardcore Recordings vs. Invisible Records: Clear and Present Danger, Volume 1Various Artists
FuturistAlec Empire
Live CBGB’s NYC 1998Alec Empire vs. Merzbow
Futuristsynthesizer and thereminAlec Empire
Kiss of Deathsynthesizer and thereminAlec Empire
Live at Brixton Academy 1999MoogAtari Teenage Riot
Live at Brixton Academy 1999MoogAtari Teenage Riot
Live at Brixton Academy 1999MoogAtari Teenage Riot