Karl Bartos

~ Person


15 Minutes of FameKarl BartosCD4
BIGPOP Musikverlags GmbH897217 2724389721720
Communication (standard edition)Karl BartosCD10
  • DE2003-09-08
Home Records (German electronic label)HOM 512929 25099751292920
Communication (limited edition)Karl BartosEnhanced CD11
  • DE2003-09-08
Home Records (German electronic label)HOM 51292990005099751292999
CommunicationKarl BartosCD10
  • XE2003-09-15
Home Records (German electronic label)HOM 512929 25099751292920
CommunicationKarl BartosCD12
  • JP2003-11-06
Sony Music Japan International Inc. (Do not use as a label, see the annotation.)SICP 4734547366012903
I'm the MessageKarl Bartos12" Vinyl3
Home Records (German electronic label)Hom 0034250101410277
I'm the MessageKarl BartosCD3
Home Records (German electronic label), Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment; for use as release label only when no sub-label/imprint is specified)SAMPCM 13279-2[none]
Camera ObscuraKarl BartosCD2
AtomiumKarl BartosDigital Media2
  • XE2013-02-01
Bureau B[none]
AtomiumKarl Bartos7" Vinyl2
  • DE2013-02-01
Bureau BBB0804047179558372
Off the Record (Limited Edition)Karl BartosCD + 12" Vinyl12 + 12
  • XE2013-03-15
Bureau BBB0794047179558211
Off the Record (Digipak)Karl BartosCD12
  • XE2013-03-15
  • -2013-03-15
  • GB2013-03-18
Bureau BBB079, CD 9743824047179742825
Life (2016)Karl BartosDigital Media2
  • XE2016-02-26
Trocadero Records[none]
Life (2016)Karl Bartos7" Vinyl2
  • XE2016-03-04
Trocadero RecordsTR 206134047179934879
Communication (remaster)Karl Bartos12" Vinyl + CD11 + 11
  • XE2016-03-25
Trocadero Records4047179934718
Communication (remastered)Karl BartosDigital Media11
  • XW2016-03-25
Trocadero RecordsTR 20612
I'm the MessageKarl BartosDigital Media2
  • XE2016-04-15
Trocadero Records[none]
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