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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1995-05 – 1997-10Attitudeadditional and percussionMetallica5:16
1995-05 – 1997-10Bad Seedadditional and percussionMetallica4:05
1995-05 – 1997-10Better Than Youadditional and percussionMetallica5:22
1995-05 – 1997-10Carpe Diem Babyadditional and percussionMetallica6:12
1995-05 – 1997-10Devil’s Danceadditional and percussionMetallica5:19
1995-05 – 1997-10Fixxxeradditional and percussionMetallica8:15
1995-05 – 1997-10Fueladditional and percussionMetallica4:30
1995-05 – 1997-10Low Man’s Lyricadditional and percussionMetallica7:37
1995-05 – 1997-10Prince Charmingadditional and percussionMetallica6:05
1995-05 – 1997-10Slitheradditional and percussionMetallica5:13
1995-05 – 1997-10The Memory Remainsadditional and percussionMetallica4:39
1995-05 – 1997-10The Unforgiven IIadditional and percussionMetallica6:36
1995-05 – 1997-10Where the Wild Things Areadditional and percussionMetallica6:54
A Countrygirl in ParispercussionJohn Denver3:48
A Lil’ Ain’t EnoughpercussionDavid Lee Roth4:42
Alaska and MepercussionJohn Denver2:42
All This JoypercussionJohn Denver4:33
Bread and RosespercussionJohn Denver4:04
D for Democracy (Scour the House)percussionSpirit of the West4:38
Deal with the LadiespercussionJohn Denver1:40
Falling Leaves (The Refugees)percussionJohn Denver3:41
Far Too CanadianpercussionSpirit of the West6:33
For YoupercussionJohn Denver3:23
Goodbye GracepercussionSpirit of the West5:57
Higher GroundpercussionJohn Denver3:37
Home Grown TomatoespercussionJohn Denver3:22
I Am HungrypercussionFerron5:48
It’s Showtime!percussionDavid Lee Roth3:47
Never a DoubtpercussionJohn Denver3:44
PolaroidpercussionSpirit of the West4:47
PoliticalpercussionSpirit of the West4:34
Pulling LamepercussionSpirit of the West5:05
Roadside AttractionpercussionSpirit of the West3:05
Save Up All Your TearspercussionCher4:00
Sensible ShoespercussionDavid Lee Roth5:09
Sentimental Sidebass drum and snare drumSpirit of the West4:11
Ship Named FrankpercussionSpirit of the West4:28
Signals and MessagespercussionFerron4:46
Sing AustraliapercussionJohn Denver4:41
Spot the DifferencepercussionSpirit of the West4:18
Swingin' SinglepercussionSpirit of the West4:57
Turned Out LiespercussionSpirit of the West3:46
Whispering JessepercussionJohn Denver3:05
Wrecking BallpercussionSpirit of the West3:42
Contenders Two - Still in the RunningJim McGilliveraypercussionValdy and Gary Fjellgaard
One Step AheadpercussionShari Ulrich
ReloadJim McGillverayadditional and percussionMetallica