1970Electronic MeditationTangerine Dream38
1971Alpha CentauriTangerine Dream3.59
1972ZeitTangerine Dream4.3511
1973AtemTangerine Dream58
1974PhaedraTangerine Dream422
1975RubyconTangerine Dream4.3510
1976StratosfearTangerine Dream58
1978CycloneTangerine Dream3.58
1979Force MajeureTangerine Dream411
1980TangramTangerine Dream4.58
1981ExitTangerine Dream47
1982White EagleTangerine Dream3.56
1983HyperboreaTangerine Dream410
1985Le ParcTangerine Dream27
1986Green DesertTangerine Dream48
1986Underwater SunlightTangerine Dream2.6513
1987TygerTangerine Dream3.511
1988Optical RaceTangerine Dream5
1989Lily on the BeachTangerine Dream5
1990MelroseTangerine Dream3
1992QuinoaTangerine Dream3
1992RockoonTangerine Dream57
1994Turn of the TidesTangerine Dream8
1995Tyranny of BeautyTangerine Dream57
1996Goblins’ ClubTangerine Dream4.56
1997Ambient MonkeysTangerine Dream3
1998The Hollywood Years, Volume 1Tangerine Dream2
1998The Hollywood Years, Volume 2Tangerine Dream1
1999Mars PolarisTangerine Dream1
2000The Seven Letters From TibetTangerine Dream2
2004PurgatorioTangerine Dream1
2005KyotoTangerine Dream1
2005Jeanne d’ArcTangerine Dream1
2006Blue DawnTangerine Dream1
2006ParadisoTangerine Dream1
2006Tangerine Dream Plays Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream1
2007Springtime in NagasakiTangerine Dream1
2007Madcap’s Flaming DutyTangerine Dream3
2007Summer in NagasakiTangerine Dream1
2007One Times OneTangerine Dream1
2008Purple DiluvialTangerine Dream2
2008Views From a Red TrainTangerine Dream2
2008Autumn in HiroshimaTangerine Dream1
2009FlameTangerine Dream1
2009Chandra: The Phantom Ferry, Part ITangerine Dream1
2009Winter in HiroshimaTangerine Dream1
2010The Endless SeasonTangerine Dream2
2010Under Cover: Chapter OneTangerine Dream2
2011Edgar Allan Poe’s The Island of the FayTangerine Dream4
2011The Angel of the West WindowTangerine Dream3
2011The Gate of SaturnTangerine Dream51
2011Mona da VinciTangerine Dream51
2011James Joyce: Finnegans WakeTangerine Dream1
2012Machu PicchuTangerine Dream1
2013Cruise to Destiny: Topographic DreamtimeTangerine Dream2
2013One Night in AfricaTangerine Dream1
2013Franz Kafka: The CastleTangerine Dream1
2014Chandra: The Phantom Ferry, Part IITangerine Dream1
2014Mala KuniaTangerine Dream1
2017Quantum GateTangerine Dream6
2017Light FluxTangerine Dream1
2019Oedipus TyrannusTangerine Dream1
2019Recurring DreamsTangerine Dream4

Album + Audiobook

1991RumpelstiltskinTangerine Dream2
1997Der MeteorTangerine Dream1

Album + Compilation

1980’70–’80Tangerine Dream1
1985Dream SequenceTangerine Dream5
1986The CollectionTangerine Dream2
1989The Best of Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream2
1991From Dawn 'til Dusk 1973–1988Tangerine Dream1
1992The Private Music of Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream3
1992Dream Music: The Movie Music of Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream1
1992Tangerine Dream (3) (Collectors’ Edition (3 Limited Edition Picture Discs))Tangerine Dream1
1993The Story of Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream1
1994Tangents SamplerTangerine Dream1
1994Tangents 1973–1983Tangerine Dream2
1995AtmosphericsTangerine Dream1
1995Dream Music 2Tangerine Dream1
1995Book of DreamsTangerine Dream22
1996The Dream Roots CollectionTangerine Dream1
1996Tangerine Dream (Disky Compilation)Tangerine Dream1
1998The Best of Tangerine Dream: The Blue YearsTangerine Dream2
1998Atlantic WallsTangerine Dream1
1998Atlantic BridgesTangerine Dream3
1998The Analogue Space Years: 1969–1973Tangerine Dream1
1998The Best of Tangerine Dream: The Pink YearsTangerine Dream1
1999Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream1
1999Dream EncoresTangerine Dream2
2000Antique DreamsTangerine Dream2
2000I-Box: 1970–1990Tangerine Dream1
2000Tang-Go: The Best of Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream1
2002The Melrose YearsTangerine Dream1
2002Journey Through a Burning BrainTangerine Dream1
2004Tangerine Dream: An Introduction To...Tangerine Dream1
2006The Essential Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream1
2006Nebulous Dawn: The Early YearsTangerine Dream1
2006The Essential CollectionTangerine Dream1
2007Canyon CazumaTangerine Dream2
2007Cyberjam CollectionTangerine Dream1
2007Silver Siren CollectionTangerine Dream1

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