Louisa Fuller (violinist)

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member of:The Duke Quartet (violin)
married:John Metcalfe (UK-based composer, arranger and violist)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/391850 [info]


1993-04String Quartet in F major “American”, op. 96: I. Allegro ma non troppoviolinThe Duke Quartet9:29
1993-04String Quartet in F major “American”, op. 96: II. LentoviolinThe Duke Quartet7:16
1993-04String Quartet in F major “American”, op. 96: III. Molto vivaceviolinThe Duke Quartet3:37
1993-04String Quartet in F major “American”, op. 96: IV. Finale - vivace ma non troppoviolinThe Duke Quartet5:19
1993-04String Quartet no. 1: Part OneviolinThe Duke Quartet8:44
1993-04String Quartet no. 1: Part TwoviolinThe Duke Quartet6:56
1993-04String Quartet, op. 11: I. Molto allegro e appassionatoviolinThe Duke Quartet7:43
1993-04String Quartet, op. 11: IIa. Molto adagioviolinThe Duke Quartet7:26
1993-04String Quartet, op. 11: IIb. Molto allegro (come prima)violinThe Duke Quartet2:36
1995-10-28Sense of Purpose (live, 1995-10-28: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA)violinThe Pretenders with The Duke String Quartet3:10
32 Via San Nicolosolo and violinMax Richter1:24
A Song for H / Far Awaysolo and violinMax Richter2:08
A Sudden Manhattan of the Mindsolo and violinMax Richter2:49
Always (Hebridean mix)violinJessica Curry9:04
Always (Sanford mix)violinJessica Curry7:15
ArboretumviolinTilda Swinton, Natalia Bonner, Louisa Fuller, John Metcalfe, Max Richter, Philip Sheppard, Chris Worsey2:54
AscensionviolinJessica Curry3:00
Berlin by Overnightsolo and violinMax Richter1:28
Big Jet PlaneviolinAngus & Julia Stone3:59
Black CrowviolinAngus & Julia Stone3:51
Blood Red TearsviolinOlive4:41
Broken Symmetries for Ysolo and violinMax Richter1:01
Cascade NW by Wsolo and violinMax Richter1:11
Cathodessolo and violinMax Richter1:02
Circles From the Rue Simon‐Crubelliersolo and violinMax Richter1:04
Cold Fusion for Gsolo and violinMax Richter0:36
Coming for CasperviolinMax Richter4:58
Cradle Song for A (Interstate B3)solo and violinMax Richter2:12
Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else)violinSam Smith3:43
Darkest PlaceviolinPlan B4:20
Dear EstherviolinJessica Curry1:13
Different Trains: After the WarviolinThe Duke Quartet10:29
Different Trains: America - Before the WarviolinThe Duke Quartet9:00
Different Trains: Europe - During the WarviolinThe Duke Quartet7:31
Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt?violinKate Nash5:07
Dopamine 1violinMax Richter0:50
Dopamine 2violinMax Richter2:16
Emergency SignalviolinMax Richter1:32
Face to FaceviolinRex Orange County3:40
Found Song for P.solo and violinMax Richter2:25
Four Songs, for voice and violin, op. 35: I sing of a maidenviolinSusan Gritton, Louisa Fuller, Steuart Bedford1:21
Four Songs, for voice and violin, op. 35: Jesu sweetviolinSusan Gritton, Louisa Fuller, Steuart Bedford2:50
Four Songs, for voice and violin, op. 35: My Leman is so trueviolinSusan Gritton, Louisa Fuller, Steuart Bedford2:20
Four Songs, for voice and violin, op. 35: My soul has nought but fire and iceviolinSusan Gritton, Louisa Fuller, Steuart Bedford0:57
FreeviolinPlan B3:43
From 553 W Elm Street, Logan Illinois (Snow)solo and violinMax Richter0:58
Give Me LoveviolinEd Sheeran8:48
Golden RatioviolinJessica Curry2:08
H in New Englandsolo and violinMax Richter1:50
H Thinks a Journeysolo and violinMax Richter1:07
Hard TimesviolinPlan B3:58
Hinata Was HerviolinMax Richter4:25
I Don’t Think So / You’re Not Alone (demo)violinOlive13:37
I Have Begun My AscentviolinJessica Curry4:19
I Just Love You MoreviolinKate Nash3:06
I Know a SongviolinPlan B3:11
I Was Just Thinkingsolo and violinMax Richter1:00
I Will BeviolinFlorence + the Machine5:24
In Louisville at 7solo and violinMax Richter1:03
Inside the Hive MindviolinMax Richter2:35
It Gets BetterviolinRex Orange County3:33
It Was YouviolinMax Richter1:19
It’s Not the Same AnymoreviolinRex Orange County6:26
It’s the Hoshi‐12violinMax Richter2:06
Kierling / Doubtsolo and violinMax Richter0:51
Kiss That GrrrlviolinKate Nash3:43
Love Goes DownviolinPlan B3:52
Lullaby From the Westcoast Sleepers (Return to Montauk, 2017 film)solo and violinMax Richter2:02
Moon in My PalmviolinJessica Curry2:42
Never Had the BallsviolinRex Orange County3:57
New Year's GreetingsviolinThe Triffids5:43
NocturneviolinMax Richter2:13
On ReflectionviolinMax Richter7:15
On the MotorwayviolinJessica Curry2:00
On the Nature of DaylightviolinNatalia Bonner, Louisa Fuller, John Metcalfe, Max Richter, Philip Sheppard, Chris Worsey6:12
ParisviolinKate Nash3:06
Pluto ProjectorviolinRex Orange County4:28
Quiet as a MouseviolinMax Richter4:13
Remember (Donnelly)violinJessica Curry0:37
Remember (Esther)violinJessica Curry0:36
Remember (Jakobson)violinJessica Curry0:48
Remember (Paul)violinJessica Curry0:37
Return to Praguesolo and violinMax Richter1:02
Searching for LambsviolinAnthony Rolfe Johnson, Graham Johnson2:27
Selfish JeanviolinTravis4:01
Shadow JournalviolinTilda Swinton, Natalia Bonner, Louisa Fuller, John Metcalfe, Max Richter, Philip Sheppard, Chris Worsey8:23
She SaidviolinPlan B3:30
Stand by Me (Final Fantasy XV, Original Soundtrack)violinFlorence + the Machine4:05
Standing StonesviolinJessica Curry2:08
String Quartet no. 2: December 1989violinThe Duke Quartet3:33
String Quartet no. 2: Groove CanonviolinThe Duke Quartet2:40
String Quartet no. 2: Groove MachineviolinThe Duke Quartet3:57
String Quartet no. 2: Mara's ToysviolinThe Duke Quartet5:09
Take Me to a Higher PlaneviolinKate Nash3:22
The Bones of JakobsonviolinJessica Curry3:42
The Consolations of PhilosophyviolinMax Richter5:36
The Journey, Not the DestinationviolinMax Richter4:36
The Lighthouse KeeperviolinSam Smith4:07
The Road Is a Grey Tapesolo and violinMax Richter1:01
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