Count Basie (pianist)

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Pianist whose blues-based swing band, the Count Basie Orchestra, emerged from Kansas City in the 1930s to become one of the most important jazz bands of all time. Basie also made a few small-group recordings under the name Kansas City Seven.

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1956Basie Roars AgainCount Basie1
1956King of SwingCount Basie2
1957Basie Rides AgainCount Basie1
1958BasieCount Basie45
1958Basie Plays HeftiCount Basie3
1958Sing Along With BasieJoe Williams, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus The Basie Band1
1959Basie & Eckstine IncorporatedCount Basie and Billy Eckstine2
1959Count Basie and His Orchestra Swings, Tony Bennett SingsCount Basie & Tony Bennett2
1959Strike Up the BandBennett & Basie2
1960Just The BluesCount Basie / Joe Williams1
1960String Along With BasieCount Basie1
1961Count Basie / Sarah VaughanCount Basie & Sarah Vaughan4
1961First Time! The Count Meets the DukeDuke Ellington and Count Basie9
1964It Might as Well Be SwingFrank Sinatra & Count Basie5
1965Basie Picks the WinnersCount Basie2
1965Big Band Scene '65Count Basie & Maynard Ferguson1
1966Basie Swingin' Voices Singin'Count Basie With The Alan Copeland Singers1
1966Hollywood Basie's WayCount Basie and His Orchestra2
1966Inside Basie OutsideCount Basie Orchestra1
1967Count Basie Captures Walt Disney's The Happiest MillionaireCount Basie1
1968Manufacturers of SoulJackie Wilson & Count Basie1
1968Straight AheadCount Basie1
1968The Board of DirectorsCount Basie & The Mills Brothers1
1968The Board of Directors Annual ReportCount Basie & The Mills Brothers4
1972Count Basie + VoicesCount Basie1
1974The BossesCount Basie & Joe Turner2
1975Basie JamCount Basie4
1979The Gifted OnesCount Basie & Dizzy Gillespie3
1980Kansas City ShoutCount Basie2
1981Kansas City 6Count Basie3
1986Bing 'n BasieBing Crosby & Count Basie1
1986Get TogetherCount Basie2
1986Mostly Blues...and Some OthersCount Basie1
1986Yessir, That's My BabyCount Basie, Oscar Peterson2
1988"Satch" and "Josh"Count Basie & Oscar Peterson5
1988Autumn in ParisCount Basie and his Orchestra1
1988Basie and FriendsCount Basie2
1989Arthur Prysock-Count BasieCount Basie & Arthur Prysock1
1989Atomic BasieCount Basie1
1989Basie BoogieCount Basie1
1989Do You Wanna Jump...?Count Basie1
1990The Jazz Collector Edition: Tony Bennett with Count BasieTony Bennett & Count Basie1
1991Our Shining HourSammy Davis Jr. & Count Basie3
1991Basie One More TimeCount Basie2
1991Loose WalkCount Basie & Roy Eldridge1
1991One O'Clock JumpCount Basie1
1992+ The Big Band - Vol.1Milt Jackson & Count Basie2
1992Basie Jam #3Count Basie1
1992Night RiderCount Basie & Oscar Peterson1
1992Basie's BasementCount Basie2
1992JazztimeCount Basie1
1992Kansas City 7Count Basie1
1992The Best of the Roulette YearsCount Basie1
1993The TimekeepersCount Basie Meets Oscar Peterson3
1993Count Basie Swings, Joe Williams SingsCount Basie & Joe Williams2
1993Big Bands: Count BasieCount Basie1
1993Count Basie and His Great VocalistsCount Basie1
1994Basie's BagCount Basie1
1994CuteCount Basie2
1994Listen... You Shall HearCount Basie1
1995Basie BoogieCount Basie1
1995Pop ClassicsCount Basie1
1996+ The Big Band - Vol.2Milt Jackson & Count Basie1
1996Farmers Market BarbecueCount Basie1
1996Blues AlleyCount Basie1
1996Me and YouCount Basie1
1996AfriqueCount Basie4
1996Basie Swings, Bennett SingsCount Basie and Tony Bennett1
1996Kansas City 5Count Basie1
199788 Basie StreetCount Basie1
1998Satch & Josh... AgainCount Basie & Oscar Peterson1
1998SwingsationCount Basie1
1998SwingstationCount Basie1
1999Too Marvelous for WordsCount Basie1
1999Cool TooCount Basie1
1999One O'Clock JumpElla Fitzgerald / Count Basie / Joe Williams1
2000The Lang-Worth TranscriptionsCount Basie1
2000April in ParisCount Basie1
2000Midnite Jazz & Blues: Blue & SentimentalCount Basie1
2001Class of '54Count Basie1
2002Kansas City PowerhouseCount Basie1
2003Chairman of the BoardCount Basie3
2004ChicagoCount Basie and Tony Bennett1
2005Jazz After Hours with Tony Bennett & Count BasieTony Bennett & Count Basie1
2006Basie & ZootCount Basie & Zoot Sims2
2006Basie Jam 2Count Basie1
2010Swingin' the BluesCount Basie1
2015Memories Ad-LibJoe Williams & Count Basie1
Li'l Ol' GroovemakerCount Basie1

Album + Compilation

1949Count Basie Dance ParadeCount Basie1
1956Blues by BasieCount Basie2
1958The Atomic Mr. BasieCount Basie2
1972Super ChiefCount Basie2
1974Basie's BestCount Basie1
1977Kansas City StyleCount Basie1
1978The Retrospective SessionsCount Basie1
198514 Золотых Мелодий (1)Каунт Бейси41
198514 Золотых Мелодий (2)Каунт Бейси41
1986Count Basie Vol.VI-1946, 1950/1951 "The Orchestra And The Octet"Count Basie1
1987Compact Jazz: Count BasieCount Basie1

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