François K

~ Person


FK-EPFrançois Kevorkian12" Vinyl4
Open (UK techno)OPENT-0195029823001969
FK-EP and BeyondFrançois KDigital Media8
  • XW1996-01-15
Wave Music (New York indie dance, founded by François Kevorkian)WM50004
FK-EP (The Remixes)François K2×12" Vinyl2 + 2
Open (UK techno)OPENT0215029823002164
FK-EP and BeyondFrançois KCD9
Time & SpaceFrançois K12" Vinyl2
  • US1998-07-13
Wave Music (New York indie dance, founded by François Kevorkian)WM50031-1790185003117
Essential MixFrançois K2×CD14 + 19
  • GB2000-03-20
London Records 908573821782685738217823
Azuli Presents François K: Choice: A Collection of ClassicsFrançois K2×CD11 + 11
  • GB2002-05-06
Azuli RecordsAZCD135020196130133
Choice: A Collection of ClassicsFrançois K4×12" Vinyl4 + 4 + 4 + 4
  • GB2002-05-06
Azuli RecordsAZLP13
Deep Space NYC, Volume 1François KCD15
  • US2005-01-25
Deep Space MediaWM50150-2790185015028
2006-01-08: BBC Radio 1 Essential MixFrançois KDigital Media1
  • GB2006-01-08
FrequenciesFrançois K.2×CD17 + 19
  • US2006-06-13
WaveTec (sublabel of Wave Music)WT50165-2790185016520
The Road of LifeFrançois K12" Vinyl2
Deep Space MediaDS50188-1
Masterpiece: Created by François KFrançois K3×CD20 + 20 + 17
  • GB2008-01-28
Ministry of SoundMOSCD1505051275008425
SW4 Festival MixFrançois KevorkianCD17
DJ MagazineDJ463[none]
Heartbeat Presents Mixed By Francois K. @ AirFrançois KCD21
  • JP2010-03-24
Renaissance: The Masters Series Part 19François K2×CD16 + 15
  • GB2013-04-22
Renaissance (UK techno compilations)RENEW05CD5051275060522
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