engineering location for
Mind Over Matter (reprise)Young the Giant3:50
mixing location for
A Loose Interpretation of Something Augustine of Hippo May Have Once SaidThose Lavender Whales1:54
Astronaut: A Short History of Nearly NothingAmanda Palmer4:37
BucklingThose Lavender Whales2:34
Everything That Is YouThrailkill4:08
ExistThose Lavender Whales2:27
Family Trees Share Their LeavesThose Lavender Whales2:40
FingertipsThose Lavender Whales1:38
Growth in QuestionThose Lavender Whales2:59
Having Haves & Halving HalvesThose Lavender Whales2:50
Lions Vs. LazinessThose Lavender Whales2:58
MountainThose Lavender Whales3:29
Runs in the Family (CD version)Amanda Palmer feat. Ben Folds2:59
Sleeping Is So EasyThose Lavender Whales2:51
Tomahawk of PraiseThose Lavender Whales2:19
Who/Why/WeThose Lavender Whales2:33
producing location for
– ????First PlaceLarray1:45
recording location for
1928-10-02Davidson County BluesDe Ford Bailey3:31
1928-10-02Ice Water BluesDe Ford Bailey3:27
1928-10-02John HenryDe Ford Bailey3:11
1933Jumping JudyAllen Prothero2:54
1942-03Fisher’s Hornpipe (fragment)Nathan Frazier & Frank Patterson0:22
1942-03I Would If I CouldNathan Frazier & Frank Patterson2:41
1942-03Indian and the WoodchuckNathan Frazier & Frank Patterson1:48
1942-03Leather BritchesNathan Frazier & Frank Patterson3:04
1942-03My Journey HomeNathan Frazier & Frank Patterson2:28
1942-03Old JoeNathan Frazier & Frank Patterson2:04
1942-07-15Soldier's JoyNashville Washboard Band2:10
1942Po' Black SheepFrazier & Patterson3:13
1944-12-04The Cattle CallEddy Arnold3:09
1947-11-18All States BoogieIvory Joe Hunter2:38
1947-11-18In TimeIvory Joe Hunter2:57
1947-11-18Landlord BluesIvory Joe Hunter2:52
1947-11-18No Money No Luck BluesIvory Joe Hunter2:57
1947-11-18Old Gal New Gal BluesIvory Joe Hunter2:31
1947-11-18She's Gone BluesIvory Joe Hunter2:30
1947-11-18The Code SongIvory Joe Hunter2:53
1947-11-18Woo Wee BluesIvory Joe Hunter2:39
1949-01-16Take an Old Cold Tater‘Little’ Jimmy Dickens2:52
1950-03-28I'm Movin' On (hit single, recorded 1950-03-28)Hank Snow2:50
1950-11-21Come Back DarlingLester Flatt & Earl Scruggs2:42
1950-11-21I’ll Stay AroundLester Flatt & Earl Scruggs2:34
1950-11-21I’m Head Over Heels in LoveLester Flatt & Earl Scruggs2:38
1950-11-21I’m Waiting to Hear You Call Me DarlingLester Flatt & Earl Scruggs2:47
1950-11-21The Old Home TownLester Flatt & Earl Scruggs2:52
1950-11-21We Can’t Be Darlings AnymoreLester Flatt & Earl Scruggs2:46
1951-03-27Peace in the ValleyRed Foley3:16
1952-05-03It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk AngelsKitty Wells2:34
1952-05-09My Little Home in West VirginiaEllis and Bill (The Green Mountain Boys)3:04
1952-09-23Your Cheatin’ HeartHank Williams2:43
1952CoquetteKing Perry2:31
1952On the Sunny Side of the StreetKing Perry2:11
1953-03-20Country GentlemanChet Atkins2:18
1953-11-29SlowlyWebb Pierce2:33
1954-11-16Pretty PollyThe Country Pardners2:15
1955-03-18Blue Yodel #8 (Mule Skinner Blues) (The Singing Brakeman, cd 6, 1955 overdubs)Jimmie Rodgers, Rainbow Ranch Boys2:49
1955-03-18In the Jailhouse Now #2 (The Singing Brakeman, cd 6, 1955 overdubs)Jimmie Rodgers, Rainbow Ranch Boys2:56
1955-03-18Mother, the Queen of My Heart (The Singing Brakeman, cd 6, 1955 overdubs)Jimmie Rodgers, Rainbow Ranch Boys3:09
1955-03-18Peach Pickin’ Time Down in Georgia (The Singing Brakeman, cd 6, 1955 overdubs)Jimmie Rodgers, Rainbow Ranch Boys2:51
1955-07-22Blue Yodel #1 (The Singing Brakeman, cd 6, 1955 overdubs, first released 1992)Jimmie Rodgers, Rainbow Ranch Boys2:41
1955-07-22Daddy and Home (The Singing Brakeman, cd 6, 1955 overdubs)Jimmie Rodgers, Rainbow Ranch Boys2:36
1955-07-22Memphis Yodel (The Singing Brakeman, cd 6, 1955 overdubs, first released 1992)Jimmie Rodgers, Rainbow Ranch Boys2:34
1955-07-22Never No Mo’ Blues (The Singing Brakeman, cd 6, 1955 overdubs)Jimmie Rodgers, Rainbow Ranch Boys2:48
1955-11Bugle Call RagThe McCormick Brothers2:03
1955-11Make Your Last Kiss the SweetestThe McCormick Brothers2:07
1955-11Pins and Needles (In My Heart)The McCormick Brothers2:31
1955Calling All CowsThe Blues Rockers2:42
1955Courtin' in a CadillacJerry McCain2:14
1955Don't Let Your Daddy Slow Walk You DownGood Rockin' Sam2:56
1956-01-26Blue Days (a.k.a. Blue Days, Black Nights)Buddy Holly2:05
1956-01-26Blue Days, Black NightsBuddy Holly2:05
1956-01-26Don't Come Back Knockin'Buddy Holly2:13
1956-01-26Don't Come Back Knockin' (alternate)Buddy Holly2:32
1956-01-26Love MeBuddy Holly2:07
1956-01-26Midnight ShiftBuddy Holly2:11
1956-01-26Midnight Shift (false start, alternate)Buddy Holly2:50
1956-07-22Girl on My MindBuddy Holly2:18
1956-07-22I'm Changin' All Those ChangesBuddy Holly2:14
1956-07-22Rock Around With Ollie VeeBuddy Holly2:13
1956-07-22That’ll Be the DayBuddy Holly2:29
1956-07-22Ting‐A‐LingBuddy Holly2:42
1956-07Coffee, Coffee, CoffeeThe McCormick Brothers2:02
1956-07Darling Why Can’t You Be TrueThe McCormick Brothers2:16
1956-07Haskel’s Five StringThe McCormick Brothers2:09
1956-10-30Young LoveSonny James2:32
1956-11-15Modern Don JuanBuddy Holly2:39
1956-11-15Rock Around With Ollie Vee (Nov.)Buddy Holly2:19
1956-11-15You Are My One DesireBuddy Holly2:23
1956-11-15You Are My One Desire (false start)Buddy Holly0:10
1957Bye Bye Love (mono)The Everly Brothers2:22
1957Little Lean WomanLittle Al2:01
1957Miss You SoLillian Offitt2:14
1958-07-24It Was JesusJohnny Cash2:06
1958-07-24SuppertimeJohnny Cash2:52
1958-07-24What Do I CareJohnny Cash2:09
1958-07-24What Do I CareJohnny Cash2:07
1958-08-08All Over AgainJohnny Cash2:14
1958-08-13Don't Take Your Guns to TownJohnny Cash3:04
1958-08-13I Still Miss Someone (matrix CO 61567/OB 1655-11, first released 1958)Johnny Cash2:36
1958-08-13That's EnoughJohnny Cash2:41
1959-01-13Swing Low, Sweet ChariotJohnny Cash1:53
1959-01-13The Old AccountJohnny Cash2:25
1959-01-13The Old AccountJohnny Cash2:24
1959-03-12The Great Speckle BirdJohnny Cash2:09
1959-03-12The Great Speckled BirdJohnny Cash2:08
1959-03-12You Dreamer YouJohnny Cash1:50
1959-08-14I’ll Remember YouJohnny Cash1:54
1959-08-14The Ballad of Boot HillJohnny Cash3:49
1959-08-14The Rebel – Johnny Yuma (stereo)Johnny Cash1:53
1959-12-14Johnny Yuma ThemeJohnny Cash1:58
1960-05-09 – 1960-11-02The Losing KindJohnny Cash1:59
1960-11-02Five Minutes to LiveJohnny Cash2:04
1960-11-26Girl in SaskatoonJohnny Cash2:14
1960-11-26Locomotive ManJohnny Cash2:50
1960For You (mono)Carla Thomas1:54
1960Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes) (mono)Carla Thomas2:22
1961-03-25A Love of My Own (mono)Carla Thomas2:32
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shooting location for
First PlaceLarray1:45
HurtJohnny Cash4:03