~ City in Germany


¡Cuacha!Original ProductionBerlin, Germany1989
... (German punk record label)ImprintBerlin, Germany
(We Built the World And) Miss the Stars Records (small berlin based tape/vinyl label)Berlin, Germany
1st StrikeBerlin, Germany
1st Strike Deep (part of 1st Strike)Berlin, Germany
1st Strike EditionPublisherBerlin, Germany
3-Headed Monster PosseBerlin, Germany
3TH RecordsImprintBerlin, Germany
4Ohm MusicBerlin, Germany
007 TapesBerlin, Germany
25/8 Musikverlag Benjamin GriffeyPublisherBerlin, Germany
44 RecordsOriginal ProductionLC 12576Berlin, Germany
47 (techno imprint run by Tommy Four Seven)ImprintBerlin, Germany2015
99CHANTSBerlin, Germany2018
777 RecordingsBerlin, Germany
1000 SoundsOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany
A Thousand OaksBerlin, Germany
Aber Hallo!Original ProductionBerlin, Germany
Abyss Records (German ritual, industrial, tribal, unknown spheres record label)Berlin, Germany
Ad NoiseamOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany2001-045
Adagio830Original ProductionBerlin, Germany
Advanced BlackBerlin, Germany2012
Aeon (Electronic music label based in Berlin, Germany, started in April 2013 by Alex Niggemann.)Original ProductionBerlin, Germany2013-04
AestheticalOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany
Affront VinylPublisherBerlin, Germany2016
Afterlife (electronic label founded by Tale of Us in 2016)Original ProductionBerlin, Germany2016
Aggro Berlin Universal MusicLC 18955Berlin, Germany
All Day I DreamBerlin, Germany2011-06-12
All You Can BeatLC 15513Berlin, Germany2006
AlleinsBerlin, Germany
Altar (post-industrial label from Berlin)Original ProductionBerlin, Germany2015
Altercat RecordsLC 52690Berlin, Germany
Amaya Productions (Record label)Berlin, Germany2010
Ambulanz Musikverlag Annette HumpePublisherBerlin, Germany
AMOK TapesOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany
AMOTIK (Berlin based label, focused on releasing tracks solely from the producer of the same name.)Berlin, Germany
Ampispazi RecordingsBerlin, Germany2013
Ana AnaProductionBerlin, Germany
Anarchy of SoundBerlin, Germany
Anger Of Metal RecordsBerlin, Germany
Another Dark Age (Australian label based in Berlin)ImprintBerlin, Germany
Antikbüro Berlin 2003Berlin, Germany
Antime (Started by Martin Steer of Frittenbude)Berlin, Germany2011
Aquarium SongsPublisherBerlin, Germany
Arboretum Records (techno label from Berlin)Berlin, Germany
ARCYDARO (dance music)Original ProductionBerlin, Germany
Area ZOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany
Arjunamusic RecordsOriginal ProductionLC 12366Berlin, Germany2012
Art 4 Art MusicPublisherBerlin, Germany
åtåmåtån (synth label founded by Swedish Ella Moe, based in Berlin)Berlin, Germany
Atmophile Electronics (dance music)Original ProductionBerlin, Germany
AtomnationProductionBerlin, Germany2012-03-24
Attack Records (German punk label)Berlin, Germany
AUF EWIG WINTERBerlin, Germany
AUF!KEINEN!FALL!ImprintBerlin, Germany2015
aufnahme + wiedergabeOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany2011
Aule EditionPublisherBerlin, Germany
Autonome RecordsBerlin, Germany
Average NegativeOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany
Away (House and techno)Berlin, Germany
Ax-Bax RecordsProductionBerlin, Germany19791979
Axel Springer Mediahouse Berlin GmbHPublisherBerlin, Germany
B.T.M. GmbH Musikproduktion, Verlag & VertriebHoldingBerlin, Germany
B612 PublishingPublisherBerlin, Germany
Baby Satan RecordsBerlin, Germany
Backspace EditionProductionBerlin, Germany
Bahnsteig 23Berlin, Germany20152019
Bakraufarfita RecordsBerlin, Germany
Base Two Music Germany EditionProductionBerlin, Germany
Bass Cadet RecordsBerlin, Germany
Baumann & Kollegen GmbH & Co. KGBerlin, Germany
BCP EditionPublisherBerlin, Germany
Beaming ProductionsOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany
Beat Jazz InternationalBerlin, Germany
Beatbox Division RecordingsPublisherBerlin, Germany
Beatrising (formerly Total Wipes)DistributorBerlin, Germany2015-10
Bedlam DigitalOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany20162016
Behßmokum RecordsBerlin, Germany2011
Benztown EditionPublisherBerlin, Germany
Berlin Bass Collective (dance music)Original ProductionBerlin, Germany
Berlin Music CommissionBerlin, Germany
Berlin Sounds EditionPublisherBerlin, Germany
Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAADPublisherBerlin, Germany
Berliner Philharmoniker RecordingsPublisherLC 13781Berlin, Germany
Berliner PlattenbauProductionLC 15937Berlin, Germany
Bermuda Series (Sister label to Night Tide, supporting and promoting music produced by womxn from across the electronic genre spectrum)Berlin, Germany
Beste Modus (East Berlin electronic music label)Berlin, Germany2012
Big Saldo's ChunkerBerlin, Germany2020
Bigfoot (German techno)Original ProductionLC 01737Berlin, Germany
BITE (techno)Original ProductionBerlin, Germany2018
BL Musikverlag Burkhard Lasch & Silvia Lasch GbRPublisherBerlin, Germany
Black Pearl Records (German record label focused on re-releasing and producing rare and obscure music from Funk, Jazz, Electronica to Disco)Reissue ProductionBerlin, Germany2010
Black Verb RecordsBerlin, Germany
Blackbird Music PublishingPublisherBerlin, Germany
blankrecordsBerlin, Germany
BLC AudiophonLC 13903Berlin, Germany
Bleeding Heart Nihilist ProductionsOriginal ProductionBerlin, Germany2012
Block OperaOriginal ProductionLC 91244Berlin, Germany2019
Blue Box Publishing Promotion Karin WirthmannPublisherBerlin, Germany
BMG Klanggold Zwei Deutschland EditionPublisherBerlin, Germany