South Korea

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parts:Busan, South Korea
Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
Chungcheongnamdo, South Korea
Daegu, South Korea
Daejeon, South Korea
Gang'weondo, South Korea
Gwangju, South Korea
Gyeonggido, South Korea
Gyeongsangbukdo, South Korea
Gyeongsangnamdo, South Korea
Incheon, South Korea
Jejudo, South Korea
Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Sejong, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Ulsan, South Korea
instruments (as Korea):buk
danso (Korean educational end-blown bamboo flute)
tungso (Korean notched end-blown bamboo flute)
wooden fish (wooden bell used in temples)
yonggo (Korean traditional dragon-painted barrel drum)
engineering location for:니가 나라면 by 유나
engineering location for:許冠傑香港情懷 '90 演唱會 by 許冠傑
manufacturing location for:1st Album [Dystopia : The Tree of Language] (L ver.) by DREAMCATCHER
86/87紀念集 by 達明一派
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned by The Prodigy
Amour / 遙遠的她 by 張學友
Amour / 遙遠的她 by 張學友
Come On, Rock! by 麥潔文
Filth and Dreams by Swing Out Sister
Hot Summer by 張國榮
In the Christmas Mood II by The Glenn Miller Orchestra
Printemps by 張國榮
Sam and Friends by 許冠傑
Sam Hui新曲與精選 by 許冠傑
Smile by 張學友
Summer Romance ’87 by 張國榮
The Division Bell by Pink Floyd
The Division Bell by Pink Floyd
The Rhinestones by The Rhinestones
Virgin Snow by 張國榮
Withering to death. by Dir en grey
Чёрный Альбом / Золотой Альбом by Кино
갈채와 격정의 글로리아 by 마텐로 오페라
아! 옛날이여 / J에게 / 갈등 / 나는 사랑에 빠졌어요 by 이선희
你還愛我嗎? by 達明一派
像我這樣的朋友 by 譚詠麟
再見吧!?浪漫 by 譚詠麟
最佳12″ by 譚詠麟
冬戀 (T113 <01>) by 關淑怡
千億個夜晚 by 林子祥
國語精選集 by 張學友
奪標金曲 by Various Artists
嫻情 by 陳慧嫻
寂寞 by 鍾鎮濤
寶麗金中文金曲精選 (made in Korea) by Various Artists
張國榮跨越97演唱會 by 張國榮
張學友87演唱會 by 張學友
愛上一個不回家的人 by 林憶蓮
愛情陷阱 (MQS (24bit/96kHz)) by 譚詠麟
愛的根源 (MQS (24bit/96kHz)) by 譚詠麟
我等着你回來 by 達明一派
拒絕再玩 by 張國榮
昨夜夢魂中 by 張學友
暴風女神Lorelei (T113) by 譚詠麟
淡淡幽情 (Made in Korea) by 鄧麗君
牆上的肖像 by 譚詠麟
生命之曲 by 林子祥
皇牌金曲寶麗金第二輯 by Various Artists
相愛 by 張學友
祇願一生愛一人 by 張學友
蔡國權 新曲與精選 by 蔡國權
誘惑 by 林子祥
變、變、變 by 陳慧嫻
迷惑 by 譚詠麟
長青歌集 by 林子祥
閩南語金曲集 by 鄧麗君
雷射金曲 by 關正傑
雷射金曲第二輯 by 關正傑
風再起時 by 張國榮
Girls’ Generation by Girls’ Generation (2007-11)
Run Devil Run by 소녀시대 (2010-03)
manufacturing location for (as Korea):3마이 by 싸이
Farewell to Ireland by The Dalriada Brothers
Intimate Piano Body & Soul by Various Artists
Koto Music of Japan by Zumi‐Kai Original Instrumental Group / Hideo Osaka / 海童道祖
Masters of Classical Music, Vol. 8: Chopin by Frédéric Chopin
Millennium by Backstreet Boys
Remix+精選 (made in Korea) by 陳慧嫻
WANT (WANT ver.) by 태민
WANT (MORE ver.) by 태민
싸집 by PSY
別亦難 by 徐小鳳
寶麗金87超白金精選 by Various Artists
心手相連 by 譚詠麟
情歌篇 by 許冠傑
愛情陷阱 (made in Korea) by 譚詠麟
留住春天 by 鄺美雲
皇牌金曲寶麗金 (made in Korea) by Various Artists
精裝歌集 (made in Korea) by 鄺美雲
鄧麗君演唱會 (made in Korea) by 鄧麗君
printing location for:11 by 11
2012 by 무키무키만만수
ASOBI by Aseul
Echo (5th Anniversary Remastering) by Yukari
Forever by 張國榮
Forse le lucciole non si amano più by Locanda delle Fate
Jump In The Fire by Metallica
Withering to death. by Dir en grey
즐거운 인생 by 방준석 이병훈
Echo by Yukari (2012-12)
printing location for (as Korea):4x2=8 by PSY
The Earth Is… by Air Supply
WANT (MORE ver.) by 태민
WANT (WANT ver.) by 태민
printing location for (as KOREA):BE (deluxe edition) by BTS
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