~ Subdivision in Canada


‘4 in da Morning’ RecordingsOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
[walnut + locust]Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada1999
1Lov Records (2001–2004)Original ProductionLaval, Quebec, Canada2001-10-262004-05-07
2xHDReissue ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
3rd Wave Collective (Canadian record label)Original ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada[unknown]
4ᵉ RégimentSorel, Sorel‐Tracy, Quebec, Canada2008-04-25
7ième Ciel RecordsProductionRouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada2003-06-03
117 Records (Quebec label)Original ProductionRouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada2014-10
1001Moments (Dave Quessy)ImprintGatineau, Quebec, Canada2009-12-01
2112 Records (Canadian label)Original ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
9174 5018 Québec inc.PublisherLe Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada2000-05-18
À l’Infini CommunicationsOriginal ProductionTrois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada1998
A Magical SubstanceOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2004
A.D.G. ProductionsPublisherQuebec City, Quebec, Canada
A440 EntertainmentOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Abridged Pause Productions (Canadian film production company)ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2008-025
Abridged Pause Publishing (Canadian music and text publishing company)PublisherMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2008-025
Abridged Pause Recordings (Canadian record label)Original ProductionLC 94513Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada2008-025
Abuzive Muzik ProductionsImprintQuebec City, Quebec, Canada2005-10-24
actuellecdMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Ad LitteramMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1998-09-25
AdanacOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada[unknown]
ADISQMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1977-12-07
Alice MusikOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Alien8 RecordingsOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1996-072012-07
Alta MusiqueDistributorSaint-Léonard, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada
AmaryllisOriginal ProductionQuebec, Canada
Amateur Records (Canadian record label)Original ProductionSaint-Hubert, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada20082012-07
Ambiances AmbiguësMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Ambiances MagnétiquesOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1984
AmérylisMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1978-03-061998-05-08
Amplitude (Canadian label)Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada
AnalektaProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1988
Analekta Fleurs de LysImprintMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1995
Analogue Ind. Mtl.Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Analogue IndustriesMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Angelica Bye ByeRichelieu, Quebec, Canada2011-11-23
Apatride Records (2001–2003)Original ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2001-01-082003-09-19
Apegenine Recordings (Record label in Montreal, Canada)Original ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2003-01-01
Aperitif de la MortMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Archambault (music retailer owned by Québecor Média, CA)Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada1999
ARRA-montréalOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Art Com Musik Inc.PublisherMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Art Not Love RecordsMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Artic Records (Canadian label)Original ProductionQuebec, Canada1981
ArtificePublisherCharny, Lévis, Quebec, Canada2017-04-17
Artiste RecordsRosemère, Quebec, Canada
ARTVProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2001-09-01
Assemblée ProductionsImprintQuebec, Canada
ATMAPublisherQuebec, Canada
ATMA ClassiqueOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1994
Atondo MusiqueOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2016-08-13
Audio Research RecordsOriginal ProductionOutremont, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada1997-072007
AudiogramOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1984-04-24
AudiopactOriginal ProductionLaval, Quebec, Canada1993-04-16
Avenue Éditorial (publisher)PublisherVille-Marie, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada2000-02-25
Axion (Quebecois label)Quebec, Canada
B.Influential LabelOriginal ProductionGatineau, Quebec, Canada2019-09
B12 (Studio B‐12)ImprintValcourt, Quebec, Canada2017-11-13
Baldy Sound RecordsMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Bam & Co. – HeavySainte-Marie, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Bangor RecordsMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2005
BBT Wreck‐HurdzOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2002-09-03
BehaviourImprintMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Behaviour Interactive Inc.HoldingMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1997
Betty SongsPublisherVal-des-Lacs, Quebec, Canada2003-05-07
BGM Records (Ha! Ha! Productions subsidiary)ProductionMontréal-Nord, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Big in the GardenOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2018
Bill Hill Productions (Canadian music production company)ProductionLe Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Bizness Records (Canadian record label)Original ProductionSainte-Thérèse, Quebec, Canada
Blue Skies Turn Black (Canadian record label turned concert booking agency)Original ProductionLa Petite-Patrie, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada1999
BMG Musique Québec inc. (1991–1999)Original ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1991-02-071999-07-02
Bockthelay Publishing CoPublisherMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Boite à MusiqueImprintMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
BonbonbonOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2019-07
BonsoundImprintMile End, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada2004
Bonsound inc.HoldingMile End, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada2006-02-07
Boucane Bleue (2001–)ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2001-03-28
Boulevard MusiqueOriginal ProductionSorel‐Tracy, Quebec, Canada1987-02-13
Brave Concerts Productions (aka BC Productions)ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Bravo musiqueLe Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada2020-12-22
C‐Drik StreetMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
C&C Musique (1999–2009)Original ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1999-04-262009-06-10
C4 ProductionsOriginal ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2002[unknown]
Café GraffitiMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Canicule RecordsFabreville, Laval, Quebec, Canada
Capo Records MontrealProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada2020-02-06
Carrousel MusiqueImprintVille-Marie, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada2020-11-11
Casse-CrouteDistributorMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Caustic Rhythms (Division of Prodisk)ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
CFM MusikImprintRosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada2008-09-11
Chalet MusiqueMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Chaos Rural Records (Independant Post Punk, Hardcore, Punk label from Stukely-Sud, Québec, Canada)Quebec, Canada2007
Charivari Records (Québécois rap label?)Original ProductionQuebec, Canada
Charlot les Éditions ENRPublisherMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Chic Musique inc.Pointe-Saint-Charles, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada2014-08-15
Chimik Communications (Canadian experimental)Original ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada
Cinram (CD/DVD/Blu‐ray manufacturer)ManufacturerMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1969-07-28
CISM (Université de Montréal radio, 89.3 FM)Original ProductionMontreal (city), Quebec, Canada1985-10-07
CJLO 1690AMNotre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal (city), Quebec, Canada