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parts:Ādīs Ābeba, Ethiopia
Āfar, Ethiopia
Āmara, Ethiopia
Bīnshangul Gumuz, Ethiopia
Dirē Dawa, Ethiopia
Gambēla Hizboch, Ethiopia
Hārerī Hizb, Ethiopia
Oromīya, Ethiopia
Sumalē, Ethiopia
Tigray, Ethiopia
YeDebub Bihēroch Bihēreseboch na Hizboch, Ethiopia
sistrum (Ancient Egyptian rattle)
recording location for:I Beg You, Heart (Ethiopia) by [unknown]
Love Song (Ethiopia) by [unknown]
Song of Paradise (Ethiopia) by [unknown]
Song to the Emperor (Ethiopia) by [unknown]
Aeke Gadi (Songs Of The Ancestors) Barjo Aela (Blessing) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Aephino (Wailing) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Bu; Aeke Gadi; Galeba Gadi; Yeda (Dances) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Churra (Leaping Dance) Gurra (Dancing In A Row) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Goala (Playing The Lyre) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Laensha (Calming Down Song) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Lomotor So Dalk (Lomotor's Speech) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Maz Sa Goala (The Lyre Of The Initiates) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Merta (Song Of The Killer) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Nyabole (Singing On The Way To The Dancing Ground) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Osh (Public Meetin) Raega (War Songs) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Tingle Apho (Playing The Musical Bow) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Woissa (Playing The Flute) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
Yegeno (Word Game) by [unknown] (1970 – 1976)
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anthem:ወደፊት ገስግሺ ውድ እናት ኢትዮጵያ