_Xurbia_Xendless LimitedUnited Kingdom
-30 RecordingsOriginal ProductionLondon, England, United Kingdom
, the (commathe)Original ProductionUnited Kingdom
…txtProductionUnited Kingdom
.DMG RecordsImprintUnited Kingdom2020-07-23
.dotbleepOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
.MEDS (UK electronic label)Original ProductionLeeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
'Ajam MusicUnited Kingdom
'Aye Right Records (Sub-label of Major-G Records (Major-G Ltd) for releasing tracks associated with Crawford Mack)DistributorGlasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom2020-02-04
(©urve)digital™DistributorUnited Kingdom
(©urve)music™Original ProductionUnited Kingdom2004
(D/N) (Downwards sublabel)United Kingdom
[d]-tachedOriginal ProductionCambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom
[Detail] RecordingsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
[Emotional] Especial (Club and dance sub label of Emotional Response.)London, England, United Kingdom
[PIAS]ImprintLondon, England, United Kingdom
[PIAS] CooperativeUnited Kingdom2005
[PIAS] UKDistributorUnited Kingdom2006-02
@10footclownPublisherUnited Kingdom
&Friends (dance music)Original ProductionLondon, England, United Kingdom
∆ICASEAOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom2008
<1 (less than one; ambient and drone music)United Kingdom
£R Records (ER Records)PublisherLondon, England, United Kingdom
00AOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
0E0E (Naughty Naughty)DistributorLC 51725United Kingdom2015-09-01
1 in 12 RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
1 Records WorldwideUnited Kingdom
1/2 RecordsUnited Kingdom
1equalmusicPublisherUnited Kingdom
1Ø PILLS MATELondon, England, United Kingdom
1st Bass RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom2009-07-07
1traxLondon, England, United Kingdom2001
2 B REALOriginal ProductionManchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
2 Bubblin RecordsProductionUnited Kingdom2010-03-01
2 EntertainUnited Kingdom2005
2 Entertain Video Ltd. (do not use for releases)HoldingUnited Kingdom2004-10-13
2 Kings RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
2 KoolOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
2 Packs of Camel WidesPublisherLondon, England, United Kingdom
2 Swords (dance label by Copy Paste Soul)Original ProductionLondon, England, United Kingdom2012
2&1 RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
2CBProductionUnited Kingdom
2Fresh RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
2m Recordings (A Ministry of Sound sub-label)United Kingdom2002-04
2nd Drop RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
2NV RecordsUnited Kingdom
2Point9 RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom2003
2PSLUnited Kingdom
2TUF-4U Records (garage music)Original ProductionUnited Kingdom2002
2ube RecordsDistributorLondon, England, United Kingdom
3 BeatOriginal ProductionLiverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom1991
3 Beat Blue (Funky House & Electro offshoot of UK's 3Beat Productions Ltd.)United Kingdom
3 Beat BreaksOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
3 Beat RedLiverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom
3 loop musicReissue ProductionUnited Kingdom2011
3.5 RecordsDistributorUnited Kingdom
3BC (disc manufacturing)ProductionMarket Rasen, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom2016-09-06
3BY3United Kingdom
3D ModeProductionUnited Kingdom
3D Music (Released one single for synthpop band Neon)United Kingdom1980[unknown]
3D SOLAR RECORDS (Same company as 3D SOLAR UK LTD)United Kingdom
3kHz RecordsImprintUnited Kingdom
3MONUXRECORDSProductionLondon, England, United Kingdom2018-09-01
3MV (Independent marketing company)DistributorUnited Kingdom19932004
3QREQOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
3rd Angle Productions (UK D&B label)Original ProductionUnited Kingdom2001
3rd Eye RecordsUnited Kingdom
3rd PartyUnited Kingdom
3rd Stone LtdHoldingUnited Kingdom
3rd Stone Records (UK electronic ambient label)ProductionUnited Kingdom
3SevensOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
3six RecordingsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom2009
3tone RecordsImprintBristol, England, United Kingdom2016-09-16
4 Liberty Records Ltd.ProductionUnited Kingdom
4 Play Records (UK punk label)Original ProductionUnited Kingdom
4 Real CommunicationsUnited Kingdom
4 Real MusicPublisherUnited Kingdom
4 Real RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
4 x 4 RecordingsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
4 ZeroLondon, England, United Kingdom2006
4ADOriginal ProductionLC 05807United Kingdom19795
4AD LimitedHoldingLC 05807United Kingdom1981-12-31
4fourOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
4GN3S (Agnes)ImprintUnited Kingdom2018-09-01
4Kenzo Recordings (Record label run by Mastik Soul.)United Kingdom2002
4N FormatUnited Kingdom
4NC¥ (4Ncurrency)Original ProductionUnited Kingdom2020
4shaw musicPublisherLC 01401United Kingdom
4th & BroadwayOriginal ProductionLC 00407United Kingdom1981
4th Labyrinth MusicLC 49300United Kingdom2015
4Worlds Media (UK label, use sublabels if possible)United Kingdom
5 Gate TempleOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
5 Uncivilised TribesUnited Kingdom
5:15 RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
5AlarmOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom2002
6 x 6 RecordsOriginal ProductionUnited Kingdom
6am n RockinBootleg ProductionUnited Kingdom
6ixty3PublisherLondon, England, United Kingdom2018-08-20
7-Star RecordsUnited Kingdom
7digital indiestore (Special Purpose Label - Do not add releases here)DistributorUnited Kingdom2004-01