Birmingham Music Festival 1873Festival
    Birmingham Music Festival 1891Festival
      Birmingham Music Festival 1906: [concert]Concert1906-10-03
      Birmingham Music Festival 1906Festival
        Birmingham Music Festival 1906: [concert]Concert
          Birmingham Music Festival 1909Festival
            Birmingham Music Festival 1909: [concert]Concert
              Three Choirs FestivalFestival1913-09-10
              • Edward Clark (1885-1962. conductor and music producer for the BBC) (conductor)
              @ A Short Summer Season of BalletConcert
              • Cecil Baumer (British pianist and composer) (main performer)
              1931-06-15 – 1931-06-2220:15
              Festival of Music for the People 1939Festival
                Cheltenham Music Festival 1945: [concert]Concert1945-06-13
                Cheltenham Music Festival 1945Festival
                  1945-06 – 1945-07
                  Aldeburgh Festival 1948Festival
                    1948-06-05 – 1948-06-13
                    Aldeburgh Festival 1951Festival
                      1951-06-08 – 1951-06-17
                      Cheltenham Music Festival 1955: [concert]Concert1955-07-19
                      Edinburgh International Festival 1955Festival
                        1955-08-21 – 1955-09-10
                        Cheltenham Music Festival 1955Festival
                          Edinburgh International Festival 1956Festival
                            1956-08-19 – 1956-09-08
                            Edinburgh International Festival 1957Festival
                              1957-08-18 – 1957-09-07
                              Aldeburgh Festival 1958Festival
                                Aldeburgh Festival 1959Festival
                                  1959-06-18 – 1959-06-28
                                  Edinburgh International Festival 1959Festival
                                    1959-08-23 – 1959-09-12
                                    Aldeburgh Festival 1960Festival
                                      1960-06-11 – 1960-06-26
                                      Aldeburgh Festival 1961Festival
                                        1961-06-28 – 1961-07-09
                                        Edinburgh International Festival 1961Concert
                                          1961-08-01 – 1961-08-31
                                          Edinburgh International Festival 1962Festival
                                            1962-08-19 – 1962-09-08
                                            Aldeburgh Festival 1963Festival
                                              1963-06-20 – 1963-06-30
                                              The Yardbirds at The MarqueeConcert1964-02-20
                                              Aldeburgh Festival 1965Festival
                                                1965-06-15 – 1965-06-27
                                                Aldeburgh Festival 1966Festival
                                                  1966-06-08 – 1966-06-21
                                                  Camden Festival 1967: [concert]Concert1967-02-19
                                                  Camden Festival 1967: [concert]Concert1967-02-22
                                                  Aldeburgh Festival 1967Festival
                                                    1967-06-03 – 1967-06-25
                                                    Camden Festival 1967Festival
                                                      Aldeburgh Festival 1968Festival
                                                        1968-06-08 – 1968-06-30
                                                        Edinburgh International Festival 1968Festival
                                                          1968-08-18 – 1968-09-07
                                                          St. David's Music Week: [concert]Concert1969-02-27
                                                          Isle of Wight Festival 1970Festival
                                                            1970-08-26 – 1970-08-31
                                                            Oz Benefit ConcertConcert
                                                              Wings at Newcastle City HallConcert
                                                              • Wings (Paul McCartney’s band) (main performer)
                                                              Days of Finnish Music-Making: [concert]Concert1975-09-27
                                                              5th World Saxophone CongressFestival
                                                                Prefab Sprout at Durham Dome Festival1980-06-29
                                                                KISS in Edinburgh (cancelled)Concert
                                                                • KISS (US rock band) (main performer)
                                                                Monsters of Rock 1980Festival
                                                                • Rainbow (UK hard rock/heavy metal band) (main performer)
                                                                • Scorpions (German rock band) (main performer)
                                                                • Judas Priest (main performer)
                                                                • April Wine (main performer)
                                                                • Saxon (English heavy metal band) (main performer)
                                                                • Touch (early '80s rock band) (main performer)
                                                                • Riot (main performer)
                                                                The Revillos in AberdeenConcert1980-09-16
                                                                The Revillos in InvernessConcert1980-09-17
                                                                The Revillos in Fort WilliamConcert1980-09-18
                                                                The Revillos in MiddlesbroughConcert1980-09-20
                                                                The Revillos in ManchesterConcert1980-09-25
                                                                The Revillos in LeicesterConcert1980-09-26
                                                                The Revillos in West RuntonConcert1980-09-27
                                                                The Revillos in WakefieldConcert1980-09-28
                                                                The Revillos in SheffieldConcert1980-10-02
                                                                The Revillos in KensingtonConcert1980-10-03
                                                                The Revillos in FarehamConcert1980-10-06
                                                                The Revillos in NewportConcert1980-10-08
                                                                The Revillos in Port TalbotConcert1980-10-09
                                                                The Revillos in LondonConcert1980-10-10
                                                                The Revillos in BristolConcert1980-10-11
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in ManchesterConcert1980-10-15
                                                                The Revillos in ReadingConcert1980-10-15
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in GlasgowConcert1980-10-16
                                                                The Revillos in HullConcert1980-10-16
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in CarlisleConcert1980-10-17
                                                                The Revillos in BirminghamConcert1980-10-17
                                                                The Revillos in BlackpoolConcert1980-10-18
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in BelfastConcert1980-10-20
                                                                The Hitmen in SwanseaConcert1980-10-22
                                                                The Hitmen in LondonConcert1980-10-23
                                                                The Revillos in NewcastleConcert1980-10-23
                                                                The Hitmen in GuildfordConcert1980-10-24
                                                                The Revillos in EdinburghConcert1980-10-24
                                                                The Revillos in EdinburghConcert1980-10-25
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in BournemouthConcert1980-10-26
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in LondonConcert1980-10-27
                                                                The Hitmen in BristolConcert1980-10-27
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in LondonConcert1980-10-28
                                                                Buzzcocks in SheffieldConcert1980-10-29
                                                                The Hitmen in SheffieldConcert1980-10-29
                                                                Buzzcocks in BirminghamConcert1980-10-30
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in LondonConcert1980-10-30
                                                                The Hitmen in GlasgowConcert1980-10-30
                                                                The Hitmen in EdinburghConcert1980-10-31
                                                                Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in AylesburyConcert1980-11-01
                                                                The Hitmen in AberdeenConcert1980-11-01
                                                                Buzzcocks in LondonConcert1980-11-02
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in BradfordConcert1980-11-02
                                                                Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in HanleyConcert1980-11-02
                                                                Buzzcocks in ManchesterConcert1980-11-03
                                                                Joe Jackson Band in BirminghamConcert1980-11-03
                                                                Kool and the Gang in BrightonConcert1980-11-03