DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
engineering location for
1925-05-26Careless Love BluesBessie Smith3:29
1925-05-26Nashville Woman's Blues (Columbia matrix W140625-2)Bessie Smith3:41
1925-05-27I Ain't Goin' to Play No Second Fiddle (Columbia matrix W140630-1)Bessie Smith3:23
1927-11-03What Can a Poor Fellow Do? (matrix no. W.81775-A)Duke Ellington & His Orchestra3:12
1928-03-28DinahEddie Lang2:51
1928-04-16Oh! You Have No Idea!Sophie Tucker, Jack Hulbert & Betty Ann Davies2:52
1935-03-11Honeysuckle RoseFats Waller3:01
1939-02-01And The Angels SingBenny Goodman and His Orchestra3:30
1940-05-31Super ChiefCount Basie3:23
1947-01-08You Left Me All AloneIllinois Jacquet & His Orchestra3:01
1947-08-07Making WhoopeeNat King Cole2:31
1950-02-17AvalonSonny Stitt2:31
1950-02-17Mean to MeSonny Stitt3:09
1950-02-17Stairway to the StarsSonny Stitt3:19
1950-03-08God Bless the ChildBillie Holiday3:09
1950-08-13Lowland Bounce (Lowland Shuffle)Bennie Green, Budd Johnson, Coleman Hawkins, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Frank Wess, Cecil Payne, Cliff Smalls & Osie Johnson2:38
1954Ain’t Misbehavin’Coleman Hawkins and His All Stars7:34
1954Blue LouColeman Hawkins and His All Stars5:08
1954Cheek to CheekColeman Hawkins and His All Stars8:06
1954Get HappyColeman Hawkins and His All Stars5:34
1954If I Had YouColeman Hawkins and His All Stars4:34
1954Just You, Just MeColeman Hawkins and His All Stars6:09
1954Lullaby of BirdlandColeman Hawkins and His All Stars5:15
1954Out of NowhereColeman Hawkins and His All Stars6:46
1954Stompin’ at the SavoyColeman Hawkins and His All Stars6:19
1956-12CariocaPhil Woods3:34
1957-05-16In Walked BudThelonious Monk & Art Blakey6:37
1957-11-08Echoes of SpringWillie “The Lion” Smith3:26
1958-04Capricci armonici sopra la chitarra spagnola, op. 1: Suite no. 1 in G major: IV. GigueAndrés Segovia1:33
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03Every TubCount Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band3:24
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03Going to Chicago BluesCount Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band4:12
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03Jumpin' at the WoodsideCount Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band3:19
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03Let Me SeeCount Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band3:14
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03Li'l Darlin'Count Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band4:37
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03Rusty Dusty BluesCount Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band3:46
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03Shorty GeorgeCount Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band3:07
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03Swingin' the BluesCount Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band3:03
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03The KingCount Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band3:23
1958-05-26 – 1958-09-03Tickle ToeCount Basie, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross Plus Count Basie Band2:39
1958-10-23A Blues (What's on your Mind)Bob Brookmeyer5:07
1958-10-23Blue and SentimentalBob Brookmeyer6:54
1958-10-23Doggin' AroundBob Brookmeyer6:42
1958-10-23Jumpin' at the WoodsideBob Brookmeyer8:02
1958-10-23Moten SwingBob Brookmeyer10:14
1958-10-23Trav'lin' LightBob Brookmeyer3:34
1960-03-23Minor MeetingSonny Clark Trio with Max Roach & George Duvivier3:45
1960-03-23NicaSonny Clark Trio with Max Roach & George Duvivier6:13
1960-04-27CaravanDizzy Gillespie5:24
1960-04-27Come SundayDizzy Gillespie3:01
1960Blues BlueSonny Clark, Max Roach, George Duvivier4:24
1960Blues MamboSonny Clark, Max Roach, George Duvivier5:09
1960JunkaSonny Clark, Max Roach, George Duvivier6:16
1960My ConceptionSonny Clark, Max Roach, George Duvivier4:31
1960SonjaSonny Clark, Max Roach, George Duvivier5:15
1960Sonny's CripSonny Clark, Max Roach, George Duvivier6:18
1961-06-29Eyes So Beautiful As YoursElmo Hope Sextet6:33
1961-06-29HomecomingElmo Hope Trio5:15
1961-06-29ImaginationElmo Hope Trio6:43
1961-06-29La BertheElmo Hope Trio3:14
1961-06-29One Mo' BluesElmo Hope Trio6:48
1965-05-11Half NelsonMiles Davis Quintet4:48
1967-12-12Hip VibrationsCal Tjader3:52
1967-12-12Moanin'Cal Tjader3:14
Bababa (Vete Pa'Ya)Dillon Francis X Young Ash2:54
Cassandra GeminiThe Mars Volta32:32
Cassandra Gemini IThe Mars Volta4:46
Cassandra Gemini IIThe Mars Volta6:40
Cassandra Gemini IIIThe Mars Volta2:56
Cassandra Gemini IVThe Mars Volta7:41
Cassandra Gemini VThe Mars Volta5:00
Cassandra Gemini VIThe Mars Volta3:48
Cassandra Gemini VIIThe Mars Volta0:47
Cassandra Gemini VIIIThe Mars Volta0:54
Cygnus....Vismund CygnusThe Mars Volta13:02
For the LoveKat Cunning3:39
L’Via L’ViaquezThe Mars Volta12:22
Let Go (feat. Anarahk)Hook Shop + Sly & Robbie3:22
Miranda That Ghost Just Isn’t Holy Anymore: Vade MecumThe Mars Volta13:10
The WidowThe Mars Volta5:51
mixing location for
1972-10Arranha céuEumir Deodato4:50
1972-10Atire a 1ª pedraEumir Deodato3:19
1972-10Carlota y CarolinaEumir Deodato3:12
1972-10Extremo norteEumir Deodato3:52
1972-10FlapEumir Deodato3:18
1972-10MeninaEumir Deodato3:11
1972-10O JogoEumir Deodato2:29
1972-10Passarinho DiferenteEumir Deodato1:53
1972-10Puma BrancoEumir Deodato3:31
1972-10Rodando por aíEumir Deodato3:09
1972-10Tô fazendo nadaEumir Deodato2:57
1998-03"Faith and Resolve", Parts One and Three of Shadow Nights -2Kip Hanrahan0:10
1998-03"Fear", Opening (Shadow Nights -2)Kip Hanrahan0:09
1998-03"The Illusion of Commerce", Part 1 of Shadow Nights -2Kip Hanrahan0:09
1998-03"The Jinn of Class", Part One of Shadow Nights -2Kip Hanrahan0:41
1998-03"The Lie of the Possibility of Fairness in Contracts in Capitalism", the First Part of Shadow Nights -2Kip Hanrahan0:13
1998-03Accuracy of Location in Shahrazade's Shadow NightKip Hanrahan12:19
1998-03Birds Through the Alabaster CeilingKip Hanrahan1:26
1998-03Commerce - Erica/Negro/Roby/JTKip Hanrahan8:46
1998-03Ishaak of Mosul, His Mistress and the DevilKip Hanrahan1:26
1998-03Shahrazade and the Forming of the Next DayKip Hanrahan0:06
1998-03Shahrazade Watches Birds Through an Alabaster CeilingKip Hanrahan1:19
1998-03The Jinniya Sleeps on the Alabaster Ceiling, the Coolness of the Stone...Kip Hanrahan1:19
1998-03The Man Who Stole the Golden Plate From Which the Dog Had EatenKip Hanrahan1:19
1998-03The Tale of the Youth Behind Whom Indian and Chinese Music Was Played, and the Tale of the Jaundiced YouthKip Hanrahan9:34
A Light in the Black (New York mix)Rainbow8:12
Again NeverThe Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard3:55
Beneath the UnderdogThe Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard5:07
Dark WorldCoconuts6:49
Deans BluesCoconuts6:53
Do You Close Your Eyes (New York mix)Rainbow3:00
Harlem BluesThe Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard4:50
Harlem Blues (Acapulco version)The Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard4:46
Jazz ThingThe Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard4:50
Knocked Out the BoxThe Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard1:35
Lost BitchesCoconuts9:33
Mo’ Better BluesThe Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard3:40
Pop Top 40The Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard5:40
Run With the Wolf (New York mix)Rainbow3:41
Say HeyThe Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard3:19
Silver Lights (w/ intro)Coconuts7:31
Silver LightsCoconuts6:36
Stargazer (New York mix)Rainbow8:28
Starstruck (New York mix)Rainbow4:08
Tarot Woman (New York mix)Rainbow6:04
When She SmilesCoconuts2:51
producing location for
2014AnekantavadaGunnar Haslam4:42
2014ElaeaGunnar Haslam5:03
2014Infinite and CyclicalGunnar Haslam4:51
2014Kunqiu RisesGunnar Haslam5:22
2014Lemma 3.2Gunnar Haslam1:35
2014Look Both WaysTim Vocals3:51
2014Nasturtium LeavesGunnar Haslam3:49
2014NaukratisGunnar Haslam6:51
2014NonservoGunnar Haslam7:44
2014ReacleGunnar Haslam4:37
recording location for
1897-07Poor MournerCousins & De Moss2:00
1897-08-19Yankee DoodleVess L. Ossman?:??
1902Oh! Didn’t He RambleArthur Francis Collins2:11
1903-11-02Orphée et Eurydice (French version): Away With Mourning and CryingLouise Homer3:38
1905-03-02L’elisir d’amore: Act I. Come Paride vezzosoAntonio Scotti3:13
1906La forza del destino: Atto III. Duo “Solenne in quest'ora” (Alvaro, Carlo)Enrico Caruso, Antonio Scotti4:20
1907-02-20L’Africaine, Act IV: “O paradiso”Enrico Caruso3:43
1907-03Rigoletto: Atto I. “Caro nome … Gualtier Maldé”Nellie Melba3:51
1909-12You Ain’t Talking to MeEddie Morton2:56
1910-05Chant sans paroles, op. 2, no. 3 (Song Without Words, Op.2 & 3)Fritz Kreisler, George Falkenstein2:41
1910-08-22La bohéme: Sí, mi chiamano mimíNellie Melba4:21
1911-03-21Le jongleur de Notre-Dame: Liberté!Mary Garden3:15
1911-06Baby RoseBilly Murray4:15
1911-10Dixie MedleyFred Van Eps4:11
1911LiebesfreudFritz Kreisler, Haddon Squire3:22
1911Sleep, Baby, SleepGeorge P. Watson2:51
1912Goodbye Eliza JanePeerless Quartet1:39
1913-04-10Fenesta che luciveEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra3:47
1913-04-10Guardann’a lunaEnrico Caruso, Francis J. Lapitino, Victor Orchestra3:34
1913-04-10Lasciati amarEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra3:04
1913-04-10Your Eyes Have Told Me What I Did Not KnowEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra2:11
1913-12-15Cavalleria Rusticana: Addio alla madreEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra4:04
1913-12-15Les rameuaxEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra4:04
1913-12-15Stabat Mater: Cuius animamEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra4:42
1914-01-08Otello: Atto II. « Oh! mostruosa colpa » ... « Si, pel ciel giuro »Enrico Caruso, Titta Ruffo, Victor Orchestra4:47
1914-01-21Amor mioEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra, Walter B. Rogers3:35
1914-01-21Manella miaEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra4:30
1914-01-21Sérénade de Don JuanEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra, Walter B. Rogers3:09
1914-03-09Les rameuaxEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra, Gaetano Scognamiglio4:11
1914-03-09PartedEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra, Gaetano Scognamiglio2:51
1914-03-09Sérénade espagnoleEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra, Gaetano Scognamiglio2:21
1914-03-09Trusting EyesEnrico Caruso, Victor Orchestra, Gaetano Scognamiglio2:44
1914-04-03El milagro de la Virgen: Flores purisimasEnrico Caruso, Gaetano Scognamiglio4:23
1914-04-03La PartidaEnrico Caruso, Gaetano Scognamiglio4:41
1914-04-03Un ballo in maschera: Atto I: “La rivedrà nell’estasi”Giulio Setti, Enrico Caruso, Frieda Hempel, Metropolitan Opera Chorus, Léon Rothier, Andrés de Segurola, Victor Orchestra, Gaetano Scognamiglio3:53
1914-04-03Un ballo in maschera: Atto I: “Ò scherzo od follia”Giulio Setti, Enrico Caruso, Maria Duchêne, Frieda Hempel, Metropolitan Opera Chorus, Léon Rothier, Andrés de Segurola, Victor Orchestra, Gaetano Scognamiglio3:53
1916-06-22Medley of Hawaiian Melodies: One-Two-Three / Halona / Sweet Lee MamoBiltmore Kalaluhi Hawaiian Orchestra?:??
1916-08-11Kaui Kahio Medley: Ainahau / Kuwiliwili Iho Au (Caressingly Yours) / Ua Hiki No (’Tis Well with Me)Biltmore Kalaluhi Hawaiian Orchestra?:??
1917-02-26Dixie Jass Band One-Step (introducing “That Teasin’ Rag”) (studio, 1917-02-26, Victor, matrix 19332-3)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:37
1917-02-26Livery Stable Blues (studio, 1917-02-26, Victor, matrix 19331-1)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:08
1917-05-31Darktown Strutters Ball (studio, 1917-05-31, for Aeolian)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:58
1917-05-31Indiana (studio, 1917-05-31, for Aeolian)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:26
1917-08-17Ostrich Walk (studio, 1917-08-17, for Aeolian)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:09
191719 Hungarian Rhapsodies, S244/R106: No. 2 in C-sharp minor (abridged)Arthur Friedheim4:21
1918-01-09Zeimbekiko aivaleotikoGeorge Macreyannis2:58
1918-03-18At the Jazz Band Ball (studio, 1918-03-18, Victor, matrix 21583-1)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:41
1918-03-18Ostrich Walk (studio, 1918-03-18, Victor, matrix 21584-3)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:16
1918-03-25Skeleton Jangle (studio, 1918-03-25, Victor, matrix 21700-2)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:53
1918-03-25Tiger Rag (studio, 1918-03-25, Victor, matrix 21701-3)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:07
1918-06-25Bluin’ the Blues (studio, 1918-06-25, Victor, matrix 22041-3)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:22
1918-06-25Fidgety Feet (War Cloud) (studio, 1918-06-25, Victor, matrix 22042-2)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:44
1918-06-25Sensation Rag (studio, 1918-06-25, Victor, matrix 22044-2)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:59
1918-07-17Clarinet Marmalade (stereo re-creation by Robert Parker)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:44
1918-07-17Clarinet Marmalade Blues (studio, 1918-07-17, Victor, matrix 22066-2)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:49
1918-07-17Lazy Daddy (studio, 1918-07-17, Victor, matrix 22067-3)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:21
1918-07-17Mournin’ Blues (studio, 1918-07-17, Victor, matrix 22043-4)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:56
1919-09-04Lo! Here the Gentle LarkAmelita Galli-Curci, Manuel Berenguer, Victor Orchestra3:53
1919SwaneeGeorge Gershwin2:19
1920-12-01Margie (introducing “Singing the Blues”) (studio, 1920-12-01, Victor, matrix 24581-5)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:10
1920-12-04Palesteena (studio, 1920-12-04, Victor, matrix 24590-5)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:43
1920-12-30Broadway Rose (introducing “Dolly I Love You”) (studio, 1920-12-30, Victor, matrix 25809-2)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:18
1920-12-30Sweet Mama (Papa’s Getting Mad) (studio, 1920-12-30, Victor, matrix 24810-2)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:24
1920Bessarabia DoinaMishka Ziganoff3:22
1921-01-28Crazy Blues (studio, 1921-01-28, for the Victor label)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:48
1921-01-28Crazy Blues (introducing “It’s Right Here for You”) (studio, 1921-01-28, Victor, matrix 25826-3)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:35
1921-01-28Home Again Blues (introducing “Lindy”) (studio, 1921-01-28, Victor, matrix 25825-3)Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:46
1921-05-03Jazz Me Blues (studio, 1921-05-03, Victor, matrix 25072-5)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:08
1921-05-25Royal Garden Blues (studio, 1921-05-25, Victor, matrix 25413-4)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:06
1921-05-25St. Louis Blues (studio, 1921-05-25, Victor, matrix 25412-2)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:19
1921-05Harlem StrutJames P. Johnson2:24
1921-06-07Dangerous Blues (studio, 1921-06-07, Victor, matrix 25432-5)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:08
1921-12-01Bow Wow Blues (My Mama Treats Me Like a Dog) (studio, 1921-12-01, Victor, matrix 25836-3)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:16
1922-06-30Arkansas TravelerEck Robertson3:01
1922-06-30Turkey in the StrawEck Robertson3:01
1922-07-01Done GoneEck Robertson2:55
1922-07-01Ragtime AnnieEck Robertson3:26
1922-07-01Sallie GoodenEck Robertson3:09
1922-07-01Sally Johnson / Billy in the Low GroundEck Robertson3:00
1922-10-17Sugar BluesSara Martin3:04
1922-10Achin’ Hearted BluesSara Martin3:19
1922-11Toddlin' Blues (studio, 1922-11, for Okeh)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:07
1922-12-20Sweet Lovin' MamaOriginal Memphis Five2:53
1923-01-02 – 1923-01-03Toddlin' BluesOriginal Dixieland Jazz Band?:??
1923-01-03Some of these Days (studio, 1923-01-03, for Okeh)Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:01
1923-01Aggravatin’ PapaInez Wallace2:44
1923-01Radio BluesInez Wallace3:04
1923-03Go Get ItInez Wallace2:58
1923-03Kissin’ DaddyInez Wallace2:47
1923-04-06Joe Turner BluesSara Martin2:56
1923-04-06Keeps On A-Rainin’ (Papa, He Can’t Make No Time)Sara Martin2:57
1923-04-09I Got What It Takes to Bring You BackSara Martin3:03
1923-04-09If Your Man is Like My Man (I Sympathize With You)Sara Martin2:45
1923-04-09Michigan Water BluesSara Martin3:10
1923-04-09Original BluesSara Martin3:16
1923-04-11Aggravatin' Papa (Columbia matrix 80949-3)Bessie Smith and Her Down Home Trio3:13
1923-04-21Come Home Papa BluesSara Martin2:53
1923-04-21It Takes a Long Time to Get ’em but You Can Lose ’em OvernightSara Martin2:30
1923-04-21Laughin’ Cryin’ BluesSara Martin2:57
1923-04-26'Taint Nobody's Bizness If I Do (Columbia matrix 80862-10)Bessie Smith3:28
1923-04-27Cruel Backbitin’ BluesSara Martin3:26
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remixing location for
Praise‐Jah (12″ version)N.Y.Oluko Imo6:11
Praise‐Jah (version) (12″ version)N.Y.Oluko Imo6:01
shooting location for
1965John’s Jesus CommentBrian Epstein0:40
1968Maharishi Mahesh YogiMaharishi Mahesh Yogi, Geoffrey Giuliano, John Lennon, Paul McCartney2:46
2000-01-01Shirley Maclaine Y1KBarbra Streisand, Shirley MacLaine4:42
2001-09-07New York, New YorkRyan Adams4:14
2008-12-30The BrainLady Gaga?:??
2008-12-30The FaceLady Gaga?:??
2008-12-30The HeartLady Gaga?:??
2012-04All for One, Part 10Andres Williams, One Direction3:35
1978-03-27: The Rutles: 5. World-Wide SuccessThe Rutles3:27
Attack Me With Your LoveCameo4:30
Carpet BurnDJ Jade Laroche feat Mims & Darsonn3:30
Chapter 1: Overture / ‘My Personal Property’Joseph Gershenson / Shirley MacLaine9:53
Chapter 16: ‘I’m a Brass Band’Shirley MacLaine5:31
Director’s CommentaryEric Idle1:13:01
Lady MarmaladeAll Saints4:09
Never Say Never: Part 15, The Big ShowJustin Bieber5:55
Nicht allein in New YorkFarid Bang48:32
One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)One Direction3:07
Press ConferencesGeorge Harrison, Eric Clapton / Paul McCartney4:23
The Next Chapter, Part 2Rachael Naylor, One Direction5:57