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HusheenClara Butt7" Shellac1
His Master’s Voice183003[none]
Spring Song / Melody in FVictor Sorlin10" Shellac2
Victor ("His Master’s Voice" imprint)16516
Down Where the Swannee River Flows / Come Out of the Kitchen Mary AnnArthur Francis Collins10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5006[none]
Ephraim’s Jazbo Band / They’re Wearin’ ’em Higher in HawaiiArthur Francis Collins10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5007[none]
Matrimonial Difficulties / Curiosity HuntersGolden & Marlowe10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5005[none]
Somewhere a Voice Is Calling / Drink to Me Only With Thine EyesHenry Burr10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5015[none]
Moon Winks - Three Step / The Prettiest Little Song of AllAlbert Benzler10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5150[none]
Ave Maria / Minuet - In Ancient StyleRichard CzerwonkyVinyl2
Brunswick Records5130
But the Lord is Mindful of His Own / Flow Gently Sweet AftonMarie MorriseyVinyl2
Brunswick Records25140
I Know You / Huckleberry FinnLouis J. Winsch & Irene I. LowVinyl2
Brunswick Records5124
I Sent My Wife Away For a Rest - I Needed It / She’s Everything a Girl Should BeLouis J. WinschVinyl2
Brunswick Records5125
Jewel Song / Un Bel di VedremoMary CarsonVinyl2
Brunswick Records12223
Ma Belle Charmante (My Lady Fair) - Waltz / Medley Waltz (Intro: Love’s Old Sweet Song)Peerless Dance OrchestraVinyl2
Brunswick Records5132
Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny! - Waltz / The Missouri WaltzPeerless Dance OrchestraVinyl2
Brunswick Records5131
Traumerei / Thais - MeditationMiss Helen JeffreyVinyl2
Brunswick Records5133
Back to Mother and Home Sweet Home / Round Her Neck She Wears a Yellow RibbonSterling Trio / Byron G. HarlanVinyl2
Brunswick Records5202
Chimes of Normandy / Are You From Heaven?Sterling Trio / Henry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5172
God Save the King & Rule Britannia / My Own CanadaEmpire Military Band10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5143
Here They Come: March / Land of the Maple: MarchEmpire Military Band10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5142
If You Saw All That I Saw in Arkansas / Long BoyArthur F. Collins & Byron G. HarlanVinyl2
Brunswick Records5159
Liberty Loan March / Southern Land - One-stepEmpire Military Band10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5167
O’Brien’s Trials and Mishaps / Rush Hour in a RestaurantG. L. Thompson10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5183
Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty / Sweet Oriental RoseJoseph PhillipsVinyl2
Brunswick Records5176
Zamp-a-zamp Rag / Livery Stable BluesEmpire Military Band10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5144
Home Again - One-step / Mighty Lak a rose - WaltzEmpire Military Band10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5166
In Old New Hampshire (With My Lady Jane) / When We Wind Up the Watch on the RhineHenry Burr10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5173[none]
Somewhere in France Is the Lily: One-step / The Dark Town Strutters’ Ball: Fox TrotBrunswick Military Band10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5170[none]
Umbrellas to Mend: One-step / Prepare for Action: MarchBrunswick Military Band10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5171[none]
’Neath the Light of the Moon (Au Clair de la Lune) / HabaneraMadame Barone Eugenie FonariovaVinyl2
Brunswick Records20162
A Spirit Flower / Celeste AidaRalph ErrolleVinyl2
Brunswick Records20193
Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee) / Honolulu MarchLouise, Ferera & Greenus TrioVinyl2
Brunswick Records5178
Angel’s Lullaby / Keep the Home Fires BurningJoseph PhillipsVinyl2
Brunswick Records5089
At the Yankee Military Ball / The Moonlight WaltzBrunswick Military Band10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5197
Avalon, I’ll Travel On to You / I Know a Lovely GardenSterling Trio / Henry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5038
Banjo Song / Carry Me Back to Old VirginnyMarie MorriseyVinyl2
Brunswick Records5034
Barcarolle (Belle Nuit) / O, That We Two Were MayingMiss Morrisey & Miss Clara WilliamsVinyl2
Brunswick Records25145
Canary Cottage / Poor ButterflyPeerless Dance OrchestraVinyl2
Brunswick Records5011
Cantilena / Serenade (Drigo)Max GegnaVinyl2
Brunswick Records12147
Canzonetta / Praeludium and AllegroMiss Helen JeffreyVinyl2
Brunswick Records5097
Cohen at the Telephone / Cohen Calls Up the Gas CompanyG. L. Thompson10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5117
Come Along Caroline / Virginia ReelArthur Collins / Peerless Dance OrchestraVinyl2
Brunswick Records5056
Come On Over Here, It’s a Wonderful Place / IndianaDan Quinn / Wm. SchaferVinyl2
Brunswick Records5076
Credo / RomanzaEdward Zinco10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5181
Don’t Slam That Door / Some Sunday MorningAda Jones & Mike O’ConnellVinyl2
Brunswick Records5119
Down by the Old Red Mill / It’s a Long Way Back to Mother’s KneeSterling TrioVinyl2
Brunswick Records5157
Evening Song / Minuet in G No. 2Miss Helen JeffreyVinyl2
Brunswick Records5096
Evening Star / Mother o’ MineRoyal DadmunVinyl2
Brunswick Records5102
Everybody’s Jazzin’ It / Lily of the ValleyArthur F. Collins & Byron G. HarlanVinyl2
Brunswick Records5105
Favorite Hawaiian Hula Medley: Fox Trot / Kalima WaltzLouise, Ferera & Greenus TrioVinyl2
Brunswick Records5177
For All Eternity / Loch LomondMarie MorriseyVinyl2
Brunswick Records25146
For Me and My Gal / Somewhere in DixieAlbert C. Campbell & Henry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5107
For You Alone / Je T’aime (I Love You)Ralph ErrolleVinyl2
Brunswick Records20180
Give Me the Moon, Give Me the Girl (and Leave the Rest to Me) / Cleopatra Had a Jazz BandSam AshVinyl2
Brunswick Records5179
Golden Hours / Heaven Is My HomeSterling Trio / Henry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5039
Hark, Hark, My Soul / The Vacant ChairMixed QuartetteVinyl2
Brunswick Records5115
Hilo - Hawaiian March / Wailana (Drowsy Waters) - WaltzLouise, Ferera & Greenus TrioVinyl2
Brunswick Records5116
Hilo / The Flirting WhistlerPeerless Dance OrchestraVinyl2
Brunswick Records5047
Holy, Holy, Holy / What a Friend We Have in JesusChurch QuartetteVinyl2
Brunswick Records5100
How Birds Make Love / Beautiful Bird Sing OnByron G. Harlan & Joseph Belmont10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5118
How Can I Forget / I’m All Bound Round by the Mason Dixon LineHarry Tally10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5198
I Want to Kiss Daddy Goodnight / Hit the Trail That Leads to MotherHenry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5185
I Wasn’t Scared, but I Just Thought I Had Better Go— / The Story Book BallArthur Collins / Collins & HarlanVinyl2
Brunswick Records5186
I’ll Take You Back to Italy / Keep Cool, the Country’s Saving FuelAda Jones & G.L. ThompsonVinyl2
Brunswick Records5187
In the Solemn Hour / InfeliceRalph Errole & Alfredo KaufmanVinyl2
Brunswick Records20154
Indianola: Fox Trot / Teasing the Cat: Fox TrotBrunswick Military Band10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5169
Indianola: Novelty Fox Trot / For Me and My GalVan Eps TrioVinyl2
Brunswick Records5165
Jesus, Lover of My Soul / Nearer My God to TheeHenry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5190
Just a Baby’s Prayer at Twilight / Sweet Little ButtercupHarry McClaskey10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5196
Just as Your Mother Was / When Grandma Sings the Songs She LovedAlbert C. Campbell & Henry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5104
La Marseillaise / ToreadorHenri ScottVinyl2
Brunswick Records15194
Laddie in Khaki / The Soldiers of the KingJoseph PhillipsVinyl2
Brunswick Records5126
Longing For Home / HumoresquePeerless TrioVinyl2
Brunswick Records5059
Lucia-Sextette / Herd Girls DreamHarp, Violin & Flute10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5026
Maytime Waltz / In the Gloaming: Medley WaltzBrunswick Dance Orchestra10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5189
Morir si Pura e Bella / SalceMadame Barone Eugenie Fonariova & Ralph ErrolleVinyl2
Brunswick Records20192
My Country, ’tis of Thee / All Hail the Power of Jesus’ NameMixed QuartetteVinyl2
Brunswick Records5101
My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice / Oh Rest in the LordMarie MorriseyVinyl2
Brunswick Records5035
My Sunshine Jane / Where the Morning Glories GrowSterling TrioVinyl2
Brunswick Records5156
O Canada, That True North / Our Hearts Go Out to You CanadaHenry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5073
O, Divine Redeemer / Jesus Lover of My SoulMarie Morrisey & Harry McClaskeyVinyl2
Brunswick Records15263
O’Brien Is Looking for You / ConstantinopleAda Jones & Mike O’ConnellVinyl2
Brunswick Records5120
Old Folks at Home / Old Kentucky HomeMarie MorriseyVinyl2
Brunswick Records5077
On the Party Line / If I Catch the Guy Who Wrote “Poor Butterfly”Dan W. QuinnVinyl2
Brunswick Records5075
On the Rockin’ Rosa Lee / The Old Gray MareArthur F. Collins & Byron G. HarlanVinyl2
Brunswick Records5158
One Heart, One Mind / Stephanie GavotteAlbert BenzlerVinyl2
Brunswick Records5149
Oriental Nights / Bring Me a RoseSam AshVinyl2
Brunswick Records5161
Over There / Joan of ArcHenry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5123
Pray for the Lights to Go Out / HavandaPeerless Dance OrchestraVinyl2
Brunswick Records5010
Prohibition Blues / The Cannibal KingArthur Francis CollinsVinyl2
Brunswick Records5174
Rabbit Hash / Mammy Blossom’s Possum PartyBilly Golden / Arthur F. Collins & Byron G. Harlan10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5106
Razzberries: One-step / On the Dixie Highway: One-stepVan Eps TrioVinyl2
Brunswick Records5168
Says I to Myself Says I / I’m Old Enough for a Little Lovin’Ada JonesVinyl2
Brunswick Records5184
Shenandoah / Lookout MountainAlbert C. Campbell & Henry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5103
Silver Threads Among the Gold / A Little Bit of Heaven (Surely They Call It Ireland)Harry McClaskey10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5084
Spirito Gentil / AubadeRalph ErrolleVinyl2
Brunswick Records20155
Spring’s Awakening / Spring VoicesMadame F. WindolphVinyl2
Brunswick Records12148
Sweet Dreams of HomePeerless OrchestraVinyl2
Brunswick Records5024
Tenderness Waltz / Blue Danube WaltzPeerless Dance OrchestraVinyl2
Brunswick Records5061
The Blue Jay and the Thrush / The Merry Farmer BoysByron G. Harlan & Joseph Belmont10" Shellac2
Brunswick Records5139
The Daughter of Rosie O’Grady / Sussex by the SeaHenry BurrVinyl2
Brunswick Records5191


DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
manufacturing location for
1975-03National MelodiesStringband
…Little Broken Hearts (deluxe)Norah Jones
…Little Broken HeartsNorah Jones
2nd SetThe Allman Brothers Band
3 Feet High and RisingDe La Soul
7 BillionKiran Ahluwalia
10 años de vida 1Various Artists
20 Golden GreatsFrank Sinatra
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Bachman-Turner OverdriveBachman–Turner Overdrive
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Johnny CashJohnny Cash
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of The WhoThe Who
52nd StreetBilly Joel
70’s Gold: Certified Gold RecordVarious Artists
100 Sound Effects[no artist]
100 Years of Great Artists and RecordingsVarious Artists
200% Dance HitsVarious Artists
1924-1938Sidney Bechet
1962–1966The Beatles
1967–1970The Beatles
A Few Degrees WarmerThe Eric Steckel Band
A Juvenile Product of the Working Class$wingin’ Utter$
A Matter of Heart - The Musical RevueStan Rogers
A Million Different MomentsNull Device
A Swingin’ Affair!Frank Sinatra
A Very Merry ChristmasVarious Artists
Abbey RoadThe Beatles
Acariciando lo ásperoDivididos
All Day Every DayThe Bill Hilly Band
All My LovingThe Beatles
All My Loving / This BoyThe Beatles
All the Best From Wales[unknown]
All-Time Greatest HitsThe Beach Boys
Alpine Stream[nature sounds]
And Now the Legacy BeginsDream Warriors
Angel's ShareIan Tamblyn
AnthologyThe Band
Anthology 1The Beatles
Anthology 3The Beatles
Are You in Love?Basia Bulat
Ars Magis Subtiliter. Secular Music of the Chantilly CodexEnsemble P.A.N.
Ashes of the WakeLamb of God
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd
Au nom de la musiqueBoom Desjardins
Autobiography of MistachuckChuck D
Avalon (club edition)Roxy Music
Avalon Blues 1963Mississippi John Hurt
Avertis tes chums…Complys
Baby BelugaRaffi
Back Here on EarthGordon Lightfoot
Back in BlackAC/DC
Back in Business (explicit)EPMD
Back on TopVan Morrison
Batman & Robin: Music From and Inspired by the “Batman & Robin” Motion PictureVarious Artists
Beach Boys ChristmasThe Beach Boys
Beatlemania! With The BeatlesThe Beatles
Beatles for SaleThe Beatles
Beautiful DreamsChris de Burgh
Beautiful TangoPaco Montero & His Tango Ensemble
Bee Gees’ 1st (mono)Bee Gees
Beethoven live : 9 symphoniesBeethoven; Orchestre de la Francophonie, Jean‐Philippe Tremblay
Beginning to Feel Like HomeColleen Peterson
Best of B.T.O. (So Far)Bachman–Turner Overdrive
Best of BachJohann Sebastian Bach
Best of the ClassicsWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Between the Breaks… Live!Stan Rogers
Bird on the WingCharlie Parker and the Jazz All Stars with Sarah Vaughan
BlancSylvain Cossette
Blonde and BeyondBlondie
Bloodletting (club edition)Concrete Blonde
Blow Boys BlowEwan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd
Bob Walsh et le quatuor à cordes AllardBob Walsh et le quatuor à cordes Allard
BohèmesAndréanne A. Malette
Born to ChooseVarious Artists
BreakdownMelissa Etheridge
Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in TimbuktuBruce Cockburn
Breaking AtomsMain Source
Broken ArrowNeil Young with Crazy Horse
Bruce CockburnBruce Cockburn
Bullets & Guitars: Songs For Central AmericaVarious Artists
C’est la vie !Mario Pelchat
Cantus Mariales (édition remasterisée)Chœur des moines de l’Abbaye bénédictine de Saint‐Benoît‐du‐Lac
Carve It To The HeartLinda McRae
Cathedrals to Mountains: Choral Music of the AlpsKantorei
Ce soir l’amour est dans tes yeuxMartine St-Clair
Celle qui vaMarjo
Celtic Sisters: The Women of IrelandVarious Artists
Christmas In The Valley Vol. 2Wayne Rostad & Friends
Christmas With the Winchester College Chapel ChoirWinchester College Chapel Choir, Sara Macliver, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, William Lacey
Christopher's Movie Matinee3's a Crowd
Classic Obsession: EcstasyVarious Artists
Classic Obsession: FantasyVarious Artists
Classic Obsession: SensualityVarious Artists
Classical Classics, Volume IIVarious Artists
Classical Treasures: Great Classical MastersVarious Artists
ClassicksAlice Cooper
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mastering location for
The Beatles With Tony Sheridan and GuestsThe Beatles with Tony Sheridan
printing location for
¡Conjunto! Texas-Mexican Border Music, Volume 1Various Artists
1The Beatles
100 Sound Effects[no artist]
100 Years of Great Artists and RecordingsVarious Artists
1924-1938Sidney Bechet
A Thousand DreamsLori Lieberman
Against the StreamsJune Tabor
Agents of FortuneBlue Öyster Cult
Alice's RestaurantArlo Guthrie
All the Best From Wales[unknown]
All-Time Greatest HitsThe Beach Boys
Alpine Stream[nature sounds]
America's Blue Yodeler, 1930-1931Jimmie Rodgers
AnimalsPink Floyd
Autumn LeavesBill Evans
Avalon Blues 1963Mississippi John Hurt
Axis: Bold as LoveThe Jimi Hendrix Experience
Baby BachBach
Baby BelugaRaffi
Back in BlackAC/DC
Beach Boys ChristmasThe Beach Boys
Beatles for SaleThe Beatles
Best of 60s RockVarious Artists
Best of Johnny Cash: CollectionsJohnny Cash
Between the Earth & SkyLuba
Between the LinesJanis Ian
Beyond MagneticMetallica
Big Bill Broonzy Sings Folk SongsBig Bill Broonzy
Blues for TransylvaniaMuzsikás
Brazilliance, Volume 2Laurindo Almeida / Bud Shank
Brother of the BluesTerry Gillespie & The Granary Band
BTO’s GreatestBachman–Turner Overdrive
Canto GregorianoCoro de monjes del Monasterio Benedictino de Santo Domingo de Silos
China: Music from the People’s Republic of ChinaCanadaVarious Artists
Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera
Christmas DuetsElvis Presley
ChromaticSens Unik
Classic CutsTom Nazziola
Coast to Coast FeverDavid Wiffen
ColoradoNeil Young & Crazy Horse
Comin’ CorrectRobbie B & DJ Jazz
ConcertosEshpai; Yuri Bashmet, Eduard Grach, Vladimir Krainev
Concierto-serenata / Concierto en modo galante / Música para un jardínRodrigo; Nancy Allen, Robert Cohen, Royal Philharmonic, London Symphony Orchestra, Enrique Bátiz
Cuban FireStan Kenton
Dana Dane With Fame (explicit)Dana Dane
Dangerous CurvesLita Ford
David GilmourDavid Gilmour
Deep Blue: 25 Years of Blues Music on Rounder RecordsVarious Artists
DeliverThe Mamas & the Papas
Disco RomanceSally Shapiro
Drammi goticiEnnio Morricone
Du coin de l’œilL’Assemblée
Easy ActionAlice Cooper
Electric LadylandThe Jimi Hendrix Experience
Emperor of SandMastodon
Forever Blondie: Collector's EditionBlondie
Future Memories IIPatrick Moraz
Galicia no tempoMilladoiro
Gold! (Classic Songs, Classic Performances)Frank Sinatra
Grab It for a SecondGolden Earring
Great Original Performances 1923-1929Johnny Dodds
Great Speckled BirdGreat Speckled Bird
Greatest Hits (club edition)Journey
Greatest Hits, Volume I & Volume II (club edition)Billy Joel
Greatest Hits, Volume I & Volume IIBilly Joel
Hans Andersen: The Fairy Tale MusicalFrank Loesser
Heart of the GaelsVarious Artists
Help! (original mix)The Beatles
Help!The Beatles
Highway 61 RevisitedBob Dylan
Holiday ClassicsFrank Sinatra
House of Pain (explicit)House of Pain
Human KindChris Lizotte
I Got NextKRS‐One
I Got NextKRS‐One
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-DieCountry Joe and the Fish
In the Court of the Crimson KingKing Crimson
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us BackPublic Enemy
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (explicit)Public Enemy
Johnny Cash's AmericaJohnny Cash
Joy to the World: An Organ & Chimes Christmas[christmas music]
Kabalevsky: Piano Concerto no. 3 / Muczynski: Piano Concerto no. 1 / A Serenade for Summer / Suite, op. 13Dimitri Kabalevsky, Robert Muczynski; James Johnson, Slovenian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman
Keep an Eye OutShades of Culture
L.A. WomanThe Doors
L’amour ne meurt jamaisAlain Morisod & Sweet People
La Guerre des tuquesNathalie Simard
Le Meilleur de Françoise HardyFrançoise Hardy
Leaving St. KildaThe Tannahill Weavers
Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and The WailersBob Marley & The Wailers
Les TentationsPassi
Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin’ Hopkins
Little Deuce Coupe and Other Classic Songs of Drivin' and Draggin'The Beach Boys
Live ShizukaShizuka
Live: Ain’t No Day at the BeachToiz
Love Songs From the ShowsAndrew Lloyd Webber
Maybe If I...Victims Family
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recording location for
Have a BrownieFudge
Who Wants Fudge?Fudge