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1953-11Ball the Wall (mono)Professor Longhair3:18
1953-11In the Night (mono)Professor Longhair, Professor Longhair & His Blues Scholars2:32
1953-11Tipitina (mono)Professor Longhair2:25
1953-11TipitinaProfessor Longhair2:40
1953-11Who’s Been Fooling You (mono)Professor Longhair2:10
1954-04-17Jump the BoogiePapa Lightfoot2:23
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1924 – 1925Original Tuxedo RagOriginal Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra?:??
1925-01-23Dirty RagBrownlee's Orchestra of New Orleans?:??
1925-01-23She's Crying for MeOriginal New Orleans Rhythm Kings?:??
1927-03-05I Haven't Got a Dollar to Pay the House Rent Man (take 1) (studio, 1927-03-05; matrix 37975-1)Genevieve Davis?:??
1927-03-05I Haven't Got a Dollar to Pay the House Rent Man (take 2) (studio, 1927-03-05; matrix 37975-2)Genevieve Davis?:??
1927-03-05I've Got That Something (take 1) (studio, 1927-03-05; matrix 37976-1)Genevieve Davis?:??
1927-03-05I've Got That Something (take 2) (studio, 1927-03-05; matrix 37976-2)Genevieve Davis?:??
1927-03-07Franklin Street Blues (stereo re-creation by Robert Parker)Louis Dumaine’s Jazzola Eight3:22
1927-03-11I’m Not JealousRichard "Rabbit" Brown3:17
1927-03-11James Alley BluesRichard "Rabbit" Brown3:07
1927-03-11Mystery of the Dunbar’s ChildRichard "Rabbit" Brown4:29
1927-03-11Never Let the Same Bee Sting You TwiceRichard "Rabbit" Brown2:41
1927-03-11Sinking of the TitanicRichard "Rabbit" Brown3:49
1927-04-11As You Like It (studio, 1927-04-11; matrix 143955-1, stereo re-creation by Robert Parker)Celestin’s Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra3:15
1927-04-11As You Like It (studio, 1927-04-11; matrix 143955-1)Celestin's Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra3:13
1927-04-15That’s a Plenty (stereo re-creation by Robert Parker)New Orleans Owls3:04
1928-04-24Best Friend BluesLillian Glinn3:01
1928-04-24Lost Letter BluesLillian Glinn3:05
1928-04-24Packing House BluesLillian Glinn2:47
1928-04-24Shake It DownLillian Glinn3:14
1928-04-24The Man I Love Is Worth Talking AboutLillian Glinn2:50
1928-04-25Dippermouth Blues (studio, 1928-04-25; matrix 146194-2)Johnny Miller's New Orleans Frolickers?:??
1928-04-25PanamaJohnny Miller’s New Orleans Frolickers3:07
1928-04-25Where Have All the Black Men GoneLillian Glinn2:55
1928-04-27Allons à LafayetteJoseph Falcon2:58
1928-04-28Shake It DownLillian Glinn3:17
1928-11Good Old Turnip GreensBo Carter3:10
1928-11Mad Dog BluesMary Butler?:??
1928-12-13Rockin’ YodelLeake County Revelers3:02
1928-12-17La valse de Creole (The Creole Waltz)Dudley and James Fawvor?:??
1928-12-17T'est petite a ete t'est meon (You Are Little and You Are Cute)Dudley and James Fawvor?:??
1928-12Git-Wit-It (studio, 1928-12; matrix NO-749-A)Monk Hazel & His Bienville Roof Orchestra?:??
1928-12High Society (stereo re-creation by Robert Parker)Monk Hazel and His Bienville Roof Orchestra3:00
1928-12High Society (studio, 1928-12; matrix NO-748-A)Monk Hazel and His Bienville Roof Orchestra3:01
1928-12Ideas (studio, 1928-12; matrix NO-750-A)Monk Hazel & His Orchestra2:31
1928-12Sizzlin' the Blues (studio, 1928-12; matrix NO-747-A)Monk Hazel and His Bienville Roof Orchestra2:47
1928-12Sizzling the Blues (stereo re-creation by Robert Parker)Monk Hazel and His Bienville Roof Orchestra2:49
1929-02In the Valley of PeaceBessemer Sunset Four2:45
1929-02Lord I’m TroubledBessemer Sunset Four2:49
1929-02Take This Ring With YouBessemer Sunset Four3:02
1929-02That Wonderful Love the Father HasBessemer Sunset Four2:36
1929-09-29I Will Ever StandBessemer Sunset Four2:38
1929-09-29I’m a Child of GodBessemer Sunset Four2:50
1929-09-29I’m Climbing Up Zion HillBessemer Sunset Four2:41
1929-10-02La Valse de marriageThe Guidry Brothers2:58
1929-11-09Je me suis en alleBerthmost Montet and Joswell Dupuis2:53
1929-11-13Hobo Bill’s Last Ride (The Singing Brakeman, cd 2)Jimmie Rodgers2:38
1929-11-15Astoria Strut (studio, 1929-11-15; matrix 56534-1)Jones and Collins Astoria Hot Eight2:32
1929-11-15Astoria Strut (stereo re-creation by Robert Parker)Jones and Collins Astoria Hot Eight2:32
1929-11-15Damp Weather (studio, 1929-11-15; matrix 56536-1)Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight3:22
1929-11-15Damp Weather (stereo re-creation by Robert Parker)Jones and Collins Astoria Hot Eight3:23
1929-11-15Damp Weather (take 2) (studio, 1929-11-15; matrix 56536-2)Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight?:??
1929-11-15Duet Stomp (studio, 1929-11-15; matrix 56535-1)Jones and Collins Astoria Hot Eight2:54
1929-11-15Duet StompJones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight2:53
1929-11-15Tip Easy Blues (studio, 1929-11-15; matrix 56537-1)Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight3:20
1929-11-15Tip Easy BluesJones and Collins Astoria Hot Eight3:21
1929-11-15Tip Easy Blues (take 2) (studio, 1929-11-15; matrix 56537-2)Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight?:??
1929-12-09La valse ah AbeAmédé Ardoin3:06
1929-12-09Madam AtchenAmédé Ardoin3:02
1929-12-09Taunt AlineAmédé Ardoin2:58
1929-12-09Two step de EuniceAmédé Ardoin3:16
1929-12-09Two step de mamaAmédé Ardoin3:07
1929-12-09Two step de Prairie SoileauAmédé Ardoin2:55
1929-12-10Far Away From Home BluesBreaux Frères3:21
1929-12-10God Don’t Never ChangeBlind Willie Johnson2:59
1929-12-10I Woke Up One Morning in MayDidier Hébert3:04
1929-12-10RosaliaDewey Segura2:53
1929-12-10You’re Small and SweetDewey Segura3:00
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20Amadie Two-StepAmédé Ardoin3:03
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20Blues de BasileAmédé Ardoin3:06
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20La Valse a Austin ArdoinAmédé Ardoin2:54
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20La Valse a Thomas ArdoinAmédé Ardoin3:04
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20La Valse de GueydanAmédé Ardoin3:00
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20One Step d'OberlinAmédé Ardoin2:51
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20One Step des ChameauxAmédé Ardoin2:51
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20Two Step d'EltonAmédé Ardoin2:59
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20Valse a Alice PoulardAmédé Ardoin2:54
1930-11-19 – 1930-11-20Valse de OpelousasAmédé Ardoin2:53
1935-01-22Blow Yo' Whistle, Freight TrainThe Delmore Brothers2:51
1935-01-22Red Apple RagFiddlin’ Arthur Smith & His Dixieliners2:46
1935-08-10Gonna Beat It Back to Memphis, TennesseeMonkey Joe3:23
1935-08-10Hard Time BluesMonkey Joe3:19
1935-08-10Mama You Don’t Mean Me No GoodLittle Brother Montgomery3:08
1935-08-10Monkey Joe Got the BluesMonkey Joe3:39
1935-08-10Pleading BluesLittle Brother Montgomery2:52
1935-08-10Sweet Patunia StompMonkey Joe3:23
1935-08-10The Woman I Love BluesLittle Brother Montgomery3:34
1935-08-10Vicksburg Blues No. 2Little Brother Montgomery2:55
1936-03-12I Ain’t Gonna Have ItWalter Vincent?:??
1936-03-12Losin’ BluesWalter Vincent?:??
1936-03-12The Wrong ManWalter Vincent?:??
1936-03-12When the Breath Bids the Body GoodbyeWalter Vincent?:??
1936-03-21Don’t Sell It - Don’t Give It AwayOscar Woods (The Lone Wolf)2:54
1936-03-21Evil Hearted Woman BluesOscar Woods (The Lone Wolf)3:05
1936-03-21Lone Wolf BluesOscar Woods (The Lone Wolf)3:10
1936-03-21Lone Wolf BluesOscar Woods3:13
1942-06-11Ballin' the JackBunk Johnson3:08
1942-06-11Bunk Johnson Talking RecordsBunk Johnson9:27
1942-06-11Bunk's BluesBunk Johnson2:46
1942-06-11Down by the RiversideBunk Johnson3:01
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Electrical WayZoos of Berlin4:21
Judy BlumeAmanda Palmer7:33
N’Awlinz: Dis, Dat or d’Udda (promo)Dr. John?:??