~ Subdivision in Belgium


Carrera Records Int’lMouscron, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium
Cod&S DistributionDistributorNamur, Namur, Wallonie, Belgium2005
DaNCE to the BEaT (Belgian dance label)Mouscron, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium
Danses du Possible (Logo is a D with a shoe, surrounded by a circle, and label name below it)PublisherBrabant wallon, Wallonie, Belgium1998-11-02
Dewane RecordsMons, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium
Flora (Label Flora)DistributorLiège, Liège, Wallonie, Belgium
Forma.T Records (Electronic music label from Liège, Belgium.)Original ProductionLiège, Liège, Wallonie, Belgium
Fuck Labels//Fuck MasteringLiège, Wallonie, Belgium2010
GAM (Groupe d'Action Musicale, belgian folk)Charleroi, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium
Home ProduktOriginal ProductionLiège, Liège, Wallonie, Belgium
Independenza RecordsProductionHainaut, Wallonie, Belgium2007
Knovel RecordsLiège, Liège, Wallonie, Belgium
La Belle BorgneOriginal ProductionLiège, Liège, Wallonie, Belgium2015
Le beau labelProductionLiège, Liège, Wallonie, Belgium
Le Chant de Linos (Maison d'édition musicale Belge)PublisherWavre, Brabant wallon, Wallonie, Belgium
Le PhareMouscron, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium
Lynch Law RecordsDistributorLiège, Liège, Wallonie, Belgium2012
MNÓADLe Rœulx, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium
New Sound (Belgian 1960-80s label)Original ProductionMons, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium[unknown]
Next Sentence RecordingsProductionCharleroi, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium
Phosphore Records (Belgian Acid Techno - Industrial Label)Liège, Liège, Wallonie, Belgium
RIGAUDON asblProductionBeauvechain, Brabant wallon, Wallonie, Belgium1989
Rockerill RecordsCharleroi, Hainaut, Wallonie, Belgium
TutuguriProductionLiège, Liège, Wallonie, Belgium2006